Month: January 2018

Found: The Top 10 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

1. Coconut oil 2. Green Tea 3. Coffee 4. Chiles 5. Almonds 6. Lentils 7. Avocado 8. Wild-caught salmon 9. Fresh spinach 10. Cinnamon

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veg pizza recipe, how to make vegetable pizza | best veggie pizza recipe

Tip: You can make 3 pizzas at a time using both the racks and the turn table. Grill the lower pizzas for 2 minutes to serve. INGREDIENTS: 2 ready-made pizza bases 100-150 gm mozzarella or pizza cheese-grated (1 cup), ½” squares a few olives, 1tomato – cut into 8 pieces 2tbsp corn kernels…

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Explore The Range Of Authentic Indian Spices From Ciba Spices

Of all the cuisines of the world, Indian cuisine undoubtedly has recognition for its taste and diverse range of delicacies. The spices of India has a bigger role in this identity is a nation of aromatic foods. The elderly people in every nook and corner of our country possess that magical quality in…

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