Month: November 2023

Why Do Smoothies Make My Stomach Hurt and Tips on Overcoming Discomfort

Smoothies are good for you! They’re a great way to get your daily nutrients and vitamins. Smoothies can also help with weight loss, as they often contain fewer calories than traditional meals or snack options. Smoothies are also supposed to be good for tummy. They are supposed to help you lose weight, get…

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Yellow Moong Dal Recipe: A Nutritious and Delicious Indian Dish

Yellow Moong Dal, or split yellow mung beans, is a staple in Indian cuisine and a versatile ingredient that is both delicious and nutritious. This humble legume is a powerhouse of nutrients and makes for a comforting and hearty meal. In this article, we’ll explore the origins of Yellow Moong Dal, its nutritional…

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Egg Curry Indian Style Recipe

Egg curry is a popular Indian dish that is both delicious and easy to prepare. Here’s a basic recipe for making egg curry Indian style. You can adjust the spice level to your preference. Ingredients: For Boiling Eggs: 4-6 large eggs Water For the Curry: 2 tablespoons cooking oil (vegetable oil or ghee)…

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