Month: February 2022

Best Alcohol to Use for DIY Vanilla Extract

Are you looking to make your own vanilla extract? It’s easier than you think. All it takes is the right ingredients and a little patience, and you’ll wind up with delicious vanilla extract that you can use in your kitchen or gift to your friends. However, you should know that certain types of…

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Learn How to make Veg Keema Paratha at Home

The word ‘Keema’ or ‘Kheema’ refers to mutton. To be exact, Keema is a stuffing of minced mutton, cooked with potatoes and peas. A Keema Paratha is an Indian flatbread that contains a filling of Keema! Known for its deliciousness, this paratha can be filling and leave you wanting more at the same…

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How To Start Eating Healthy?

Right now, everyone is talking about proper nutrition. Recipes with the hashtag pp are posted on social networks, nutritionists give recommendations on menu preparation in magazines and on television, and doctors urge to give up junk food. But what can be considered useful, and what is Healthy proper nutrition in general? We have…

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