Month: November 2021

Top 11 Morning Habits To Follow For Losing Weight

If you are getting worried day by day about losing weight, then no worries, we are here to give you the most effective tips you need to follow. These morning habits you should follow for weight loss and balanced weight. It’s going to be a miracle for you all, and make sure you…

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Make Paneer Roll at Home with this easy Recipe

Roti and Sabji can get extremely monotonous for children, especially if they love junk food! Kids love having a variety of things to eat and get bored easily. It is always tough to get them to eat nutritious meals at home. However, there are some dishes that can be tasty and interesting for…

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Learn How to Make Mouth Watering Mysore Pak Recipe at Home

Mysore Pak was first made at the time of Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV around 1935. According to several sources, it is said that one day when the Royal chef was asked to prepare several sweets, he tried to add a new sweet by trying to cook gram flour (Besan) in ghee and the king,…

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