Of all the cuisines of the world, Indian cuisine undoubtedly has recognition for its taste and diverse range of delicacies. The spices of India has a bigger role in this identity is a nation of aromatic foods. The elderly people in every nook and corner of our country possess that magical quality in their hands to cook mouth watering rice varieties and curries embellished in spices and aromatic herbs. They still believe in their homemade spice mixes and curry pastes to enhance their recipes’ taste and flavor. However, the younger generation has much difficulty in cooking a completely homemade dish as they get into diversified ventures being employees and entrepreneurs. They mostly have to rely on readymade spices and purees. The store bought spices lack in quality although they are being claimed as authentic Indian spices thereby affecting the quality, taste and flavor of the meal.

The adulterated versions of these spices are extensively being used in the readymade spice mixes and many studies have revealed this fact astonishing the food quality explorers and the users. Many of the reputed brands in the arena are still under the adulteration scan for their malpractices such as the following:

  • Mixing similar shaped ingredients with artificial dies and synthetic flavors to resemble the actual process.
  • Adding wood powder instead of spice powders with tinges of dyes and artificial flavors
  • Drying cow dung and grinding it into soft powder to look like coriander powder with the help of artificial flavors
  • Turmeric, chilly powders get replaced by artificial powders with food grade dyes
  • Citric acid being used in spices like Aam-chur (dried mango powder)
  • Taking out the natural oils of spices and making the spice powders with those un-aromatic products

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