There is a cake for every event and every celebration. Everybody loves a decorated cake that not only tickles your taste buds but is a feast for the eyes. Though a frosted undecorated cake tastes just as good as a decorated cake, the festive and fun element a decorated cake brings is all the difference it creates. Getting a party ready cake is always so easy, but designing and styling a cake that matches the occasion and party décor is a much better go. But sometimes it is frustrating not to know where to begin and how to decorate the cake so that it steals the show. Here are a few tips to prepare one of the best cakes in Dubai.

  • A candy surprise: Kids are not just always into cakes. A piece of piñata cake filled with candies can be just awesome. Adding a small piñata to the top of a birthday cake can not only be surprising, it also adds a fun and creative element to the birthday cake.
  • The Pink Princess: Planning a decorated cake for your princess’s birthday party? Add a little pink food colouring to your cake and turn it into the shows topper. There is always something magical about a pink truffle icing with the colourful confetti décor. Surely an impressive one, it will make your little princess glow with pride.
  • Magic of the Oreos: Oreos are loved by kids and adults alike. With its crunchy chocolaty cookie with creamy layer in between there are great many innovative ideas we can experiment with Oreos. From adorable muffins to beautiful add ons, Oreos can be used in many ways to decorate a simple frosted birthday cake.
  • Recreate a childhood favourite: However this is not one of the easiest methods to add the fun element to birthday cakes, recreating your childhood favourite can always be fun. All you need is a little time, dedication and a couple of frosting tips. The time spent is rewarding as to how adorable they turn out to be.
  • The power of magic: Using the frosting to summon the power of magic to make a mind bending anti-gravity cake can be interesting and innovative. Using the frosting glue to make the pack of candies to cascade over the cake can be the best way to decorate a normal cake.
  • Sparkling sprinklers: Adding a whole lot of sprinklers over a simply frosted cake can add all the sparkling to your simple cake.
  • Create a delectable garden: Sugar cookies decorated with crushed Oreos and flowers that look only hard can be an ideal way to bring a natural hue to the simple cake. The easy tip is sure to make everyone drool and dribble.

One cannot buy happiness. But buying a cake is something similar. Isn’t it? From birthday parties to wedding anniversaries, ordering a cake is one the high priority item on the planning agenda. Turning a basic cake into a one, worthy of celebration is a skill which requires a little time, patience and creativity.