The small nocturnal insects that multiply speedily are bed bugs. These tiny creepy things can fill up every corner of your home. They belong to the family of Cimicidae that feed on blood. You find them in warm zones of your house. Bed bugs are very shy and are active during thenight only. Bed bugs take advantage of drapery, linens, desks, headboards, nightstands, clothing, mattress, and artwork frames and hide themselves behind or in them. These tiny creatures penetrate the skin of warm-blooded beings and suck blood by the use of hollow tubes. Usually, they prey on you at least for five minutes. A person or victim may not beknowing that he or she is being bitten. A victim comes to know very soon as he or she develops redand itchy welts, allergic reaction, and skin infection, etc. These common signs denote bed bug infestation that is caused by bites on your body. Commonsites of bed bug skin, eggs, and dried blood indicate their presence. Below are given some economic home remedies to put a stop to their further breeding.

Home Remedies for Bed Bugs:

  • Use of Diatomaceous Earth

It is a chemical free powder. Spread this powder around your home or on the places where you suspect their presence. This product at least takes more than ten days for killing bed bugs. The mortality rate is more than 90%. It is known by experience that small dose of the chemical powder is very helpful in killing these tiny creatures. The powder dehydrates them. Smear this powder on the cracks in the walls. To get rid of them spread this powder around your bed.

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  • Baking Soda

Because of its drying properties, baking powder squeezes all the moisture from the body of the bed bug. Since it has antimicrobial properties, it kills the bed bugs. Sprinkle a good quantity of baking soda around the cracks and the crevices or anywhere you think they are present. Vacuum the baking soda after a few days then again reapply it.Keep it applying for some day to see effective results of removing the bed bugs.

  • Use Cayenne Pepper

It helps to kill bed bugs because of its antimicrobial properties.

Take one teaspoon each of oregano, grated ginger and cayenne soda and boil all of them in water. Then spray the solution you have made around the entering area of your room and places you think they might be hiding. Due to the smell of the solution,the bugs are driven away thus preventing them from infestation..

  • Steam Treatment remedy

Really if you are interested in getting rid of this bug problem get steamed your mattress, cushions, and carpets because bed bugs are not able to bear high temperatures and aminimum of 113 Fahrenheit is requisite. Through these materials, the steam permeates and kills the bed bugs which in turn stop the survival of eggs.

  • Double Sided Tape

Attach double-sided tape around the bottom of your bed on which bugs get stuck in case they sneak up on you.