To match the extensive variety and taste of people’s coffee preferences, there are numerous machines to choose from. It isn’t always a straightforward choice, as choosing the wrong machine would soon reveal to you. Depending on what variety of drinks you’d like to serve, what environment you have, and who is making the coffee, you will want to choose the most efficacious machine for your environment. Not only will the right choice make sure you are able to deliver the most satisfying cup of coffee but also to assure the optimal service and costs of each cup.

The espresso machine is iconic. It’s a machine that satisfies most drink preferences and allows you to fine tune every aspect of the drink, from the coarseness of the grind to the frothiness of the milk. They also look great and make a statement about confidence in taste. One consideration to make is as to who would be making the coffee because there is also scope to go wrong, perhaps by over steaming the milk or not maintaining the machine. So, if this your ideal machine then it’s recommended that you have staff trained, an option that some companies offer with the purchase of a machine.

There are alternatives, such as filter machines, which produce an excellent and high standard of filtered coffee. Don’t be put off by the simplicity of the drink, the brew is a firm favourite of baristas and produces plenty of great flavours. Since the machine produces a single type of coffee, it will remain reliable and efficient to use. Once you’ve chosen your favourite beans, you will be able to make many batches of delicious coffee with consistency and speed. If you wanted to be even more involved with your coffee, with a fresher taste, you could also choose a bean to cup machine, with an embedded grinder, and grind the beans when you’re ready to serve them. It’s simple process but it adds a level of care and quality to each drink.

The demand for your coffee, as well as the amount of time it would take to make a cup, are very important. If your machine would be situated in a room without a connection to plumbing and you intend to make a lot of coffee then, while some machines have high water capacity, you may find yourself replenishing the water tank frequently. Or, perhaps, you’re hoping to install a machine in a small space. A bean to cup coffee machine may have a fantastic flavour but it will also be much more imposing than a capsule machine or a filter machine. For detailed guidance on machine specifications, it’s worth checking out Bibium as you’ll find plenty of information on a large variety of options. But don’t be put off by the array of choices.  Being informed and knowing exactly what’s right for you will result in the perfect coffee for your workplace and will be immensely rewarding for everyone.