The delightful breakfast go-to of many New Yorkers on the go are bagels. These unassuming treats are hearty and can be enjoyed in a number of ways. In fact, bagel lovers all over are always arguing about the best way to eat bagels. Why settle for one when you can have them all? Here are some great ideas to try the next time you stop by for Fairfax bagels:

1 – Buttery Goodness

People who want unadulterated bagel goodness will agree that a fresh bagel with a good slaughter of butter and a cup of joe is a simple, yet satisfying breakfast.

2 – The Classic

Bagel and cream cheese go together like, well, bagel and cream cheese! It is the classic way to enjoy fresh Fairfax bagels that will never disappoint.

3 – Add Some Flavor

Those who want to add a little bite to the classic cream cheese and bagel combination always have the option to try a vegetable, chive, or any other type of flavored cream cheeses available.

4 – The Luxury Of Lox

Lox bagels are a must try in New York. The combination of salmon with cream cheese is simply to die for that you will keep coming back for more!

5 – Super Nova

Not everyone is a fan of the brine taste of Lox, but are still looking for that salmon flavor. Don’t worry, you also have the option of enjoying your bagel with a Nova, a cured and cold-smoked salmon with cream cheese. The addition of sliced onions and tomato makes this bagel combination simply decadent.

6 – Belly Delicious

The Belly Lox with cream cheese is a new way to enjoy the traditional Lox spread. Instead of the typical way of eating lox, brined but not cooked, Belly Lox is first brined and then cold-smoked. It is a different, but equally delicious must try.

7 – Whitefish Salad

It is strange to most people, but the typical deli whitefish salad is a very popular way to enjoy a New York bagel. Try it, and you’ll taste exactly why it is popular with the locals.

8 – Baked Salmon Salad

Since not everyone is a fan of brined or cold-smoked salmon, baked salmon salad with sliced tomatoes and onions is a great way to enjoy salmon with your bagel.

9 – Pizza Bagels

Why not use those leftover bagels from breakfast and make them into pizza bagels for a quick snack. You can never go wrong with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni toasted on top of a bagel

10 – Avocado On Everything

Where would we be if we don’t put avocados on bagels? Avocado toast has captured everyone’s attention. Why not upgrade the all-time favorite by putting the combination on a bagel?

11 – A Sweet Treat

If your sweet tooth is calling, you can always add something sweet to your bagel. Nutella is a popular choice of many, but so are chocolate chips in cream cheese. These sweet bagels will surely satisfy all of your sweet cravings.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match how you enjoy your bagels. If all else fails, a classic New York bagel is just as good plain as it is with toppings!

Bagel is love and if you are craving for some Fairfax bagels, we got your covered at Chutzpah, a real New York deli in Fairfax VA.