An Indian after-meal which has been used for years for curing numerous health ailments, Jaggery, better known as “Gur” in Hindi, Bengali and plenty of other Indian dialects, is a well-known nature’s medicine. Jaggery is a raw sweetener which is produced by boiling the sugar cane until it reaches the solid state. It is later cut into blocks for storage. When consumed during winter, it provides an instant power boost. Jaggery is also recommended for the regulation of the body temperature. Jaggery contains 40-60 % of water, 15-25% of inverted sugar, 0.30% calcium, 40-60% sucrose, 14/100mg vitamin B and 30-40% water.

Apart from sugarcane, Jaggery can be made through by using several of other raw natural sweeteners such as sap of coconut, date palm, and many more other sources. But the Jaggery which is made out of sugar cane juice is the most preferred form of Jaggery.  It is solidified and turned into little blocks. Each of the blocks is rich in plenty of essential elements such as vitamins, minerals. Despite being rich in sugar, it can be consumed by diabetic patients as well as it is rich in other nutrients. It shares the calorie value with sugar but is much better alternative than the others. Moreover, when used in cooking, it gives a distinctive flavor to the dish. Here are a few of out of the numerous reasons which clarify why you should substitute the refined white sugar in your diet with Jaggery.

Benefits of Jaggery

  • Generates heat

As per the ancient medical book of Indians, Jaggery is rich in hot potency which is responsible for generating heat inside the body. During winter, our blood vessels get contracted. So, when Jaggery is consumed, it widens the blood vessels and improves blood flow. Being rich in iron, potassium, phosphorus and plenty of other vital nutrients, Jaggery is an excellent source of natural enhancements.

  • Enhances immunity

Loaded with health-enhancing elements, Jaggery provides immunity against certain infections. The vitamins, minerals, and the anti-oxidants present in Jaggery protect the body from numerous pathogens which are detrimental to our health. It also provides immunity form cough and cold. It also protects the lungs from pollutants.

  • Increased digestive enzymes for preventing constipation

When our digestive enzymes are increased, numerous stomach ailments are improved such as easy bowel movements, filters the intestinal worm, etc. It also helps in cooling the stomach and enhances the production of digestive enzymes which naturally improves our digestion system.

  • Provides relief from joint pain

When people grow old, they suffer from numerous healt6h ailments and arthritis being the most common. When Jaggery is mixed with food, or consumed raw, it improves the bones health. And not only the old, but every people should also start to include Jaggery as a primary part of their daily diet.

  • Natural detoxification

With its natural toxic removing capacity, when Jaggery is consumed, it prevents winter allergy which is caused by a cough and cold. Moreover, it is an excellent purifier of blood too which eventually improves the blood flow.

  • High in iron contents and prevents anemia

The iron and folate content in Jaggery, regulating normal RBC count is made easier. Being rich in iron content, it also helps in preventing anemia. Jaggery is also highly recommended for the pregnant women as it is rich in multivitamins and minerals.

  • Cures respiratory problems

Gud, when consumed with sesame seeds, functions like an elixir to respiratory problems. It clears the respiratory tract and prevents any respiratory problems.

So, from the above benefits, it can be concluded that adding Jaggery, also known as gud in English is an essential natural food that should be added to our winter diet.