India is an agriculture rich country and it has huge production of rice and pulses. The most common food items that comprises of Indian food are rice and daal (a kind of lentil soup). This is the primary food of most of the Indians and staple too. This is filling and one can also get a lot of energy and protein by consuming this.

But daal is not a single variety. One can get a lot of varieties in this like Urad, Massor, Channa, Toor and Moong and because it is cooked on a regular basis in Indian households, this has become the comfort food in every Indian platter.

This recipe has a lovely flavour and it is full of nutrients. One not only gets to eat tasty food but also healthy food when they are eating daal and rice or daal with chapatti. One can cook daal in different ways. From Daal Bafla to Daalmakhani, everything suits in Indian menu.

Daal Tempered with Clay

This one as the name goes is a delicacy which has earthly aroma in it. Here the Masoordaal is mixed with kasoora clay and is cooked with a mixture of spices. This tastes delightful and one can have them with plain rice.


Dhaba is a popular road highway food joint in India which one can see at regular intervals when they are driving through the highways. These food joints prepare daal and it has a unique taste of its own. One can cook this unique highway style daal at home as well. Here UradDaal is used as the main ingredient and it is cooked with a lot of butter and spices. The best thing is the tadka about it.

Maa Ki Daal

This comes out straight from the kitchen of Punjabi households. Here black daal is used along with cream, butter, yogurt with minimal amount of spice. It tastes the best in winter when a hot bowl of this is served in front of you.

Gujarati Daal

As the name goes the recipe has its origin in the state of Gujarat. This needs some measles, diced vegetables and bit f sugar and Tuardaal and this delicious daal is done.

Bengali style TadkaDaal

Here the daal is cooked in a simple Bengali way. Here creamy Channadaal is used as the main ingredient along with some mild spices which leads to a lot of aroma. Coconut and mustard are added to bring the Bengali twist in it. This one is a perfect mood up lifter in your lunch table.


Here five daals are mixed and then cooked with a lot of spices. This dish has a distinct flavour as all the daals are mixed together while cooking.


This is a very famous daal recipe in India. Here the UradDaal is cooked with a lot of masala, cream and tomato puree to bring the best taste out of it.

You can cook any of them easily at home as all are delicious.