Tea parties are great occasions for people to get together to enjoy their favourite brands of tea and sweet tea treats such as cupcakes, tea biscuits, and various other treats. Tea parties also provide a great forum for discussions. A tea party is an elegant occasion, hence dressing is one area that should receive a lot of emphasis. Whether you are having an informal tea party for your friends, a formal tea party for acquaintances or are hosting a tea party for your kids and their friends, the right dressing is of the utmost importance.

To dress appropriately for a tea party, you have to follow a couple of steps. First, confirm whether the invitation card specifies the dress code. If your host has specified the dress code, dress according to code. Some hosts will go as far as hosting a costume tea party, to reminisce about old times such as Victorian times, or to celebrate different cultures such as Japanese or Chinese tea culture. If this is the case, don your best costume and if you are celebrating Chinese tea culture, get your hostess her favourite blend of Matcha tea from Australia as gifting is very important in most tea cultures.

If the host has not specified the dress code in the invite, look for ways to decide what to wear. Though you will always be safer with a choice of semi-formal to completely formal wear, you can take cues from the following indicators: If the party is being hosted at a fancy restaurant, dress a bit more elegantly. It it’s being hosted at home, tone down your dressing, but avoid jeans. An afternoon tea party is more formal than a morning one, so dress appropriately based on the time for the party. Winter and autumn tea parties call for more formal dressing as compared to tea parties held in the summer and spring time. If there is a reason for the tea party, especially a formal reason like announcing an engagement, dress formally. If you still cannot decide, go for a smart casual look.

 A smart casual look could include any of the following: Put on a dress that you would wear for dinner to a nice restaurant (but not to a five star) and complete your look with a jacket, a nice comfortable pair of heels and some laid back accessories. Your hair do should also be smart. Even if the tea party is being held next door, avoid showing up looking like you are having a bad hair day, because quite frankly, your host will not appreciate it. Proper attire will help you to blend in and not feel so self-conscious for being the odd one out. When you have your look sorted, before you go for the party, remember to bring your host a small gift to appreciate her efforts. Carry a gift that is suited for the occasion, such as green tea powder from Australia.