Everyone loves a nice fruit salad. Fruits are recommended for everyone and even for critically ill patients as well. Packed with vital nutrients, antioxidants and minerals, they are a boon for any health conscious person. Containing minimum amount of fat, it is the best option for snacks. This healthy diet can help in maintaining an overall balance for a proper health. The combination of various fruits in a salad can be one of the best choice you will ever make for your body and mind. Also a plate of fruit salad can taste very well.

Arranging fruit salad is an art in itself. Here are some tips for you to master this art easily:

  • ·         Take some fruits from your fruit basket and add some Greek yoghurt or low fat cream to add taste as well flavor and goodness to your salad.
  • ·         Keep some delicious dips beside your salad for that extra creamy taste.
  • ·         Use waffle chips or nachos with your salad.
  • ·         Fruit carving is originally a South East Asian concept which has been a trend in the recent years in the food industry. Hoteliers and chefs from all over the world are in favor of it. It can add a different level of magic to your fruit salad preparation. You can look up online or read up articles or cookbooks to get some basic idea about carving fruits. Add your creativity and voila you will be ready to present a wonderful platter of fruity goodness.
  • ·         Instead of using a plateyou can also use a watermelon or an orange and scoop out the inside portion to use it as your plate for your fruit salad.
  • ·         Try to add edible flowers like Calendula, Nasturtium, carnation, etc. to make your salad unique and tasty.
  • ·         Make fun shapes with your fruits with cookie cutter and you can then create the perfect salad for your children. This can engage your little ones with their food and they might want to try fruits for once.
  • ·         Add some syrup forsome extra sweetness and some citrus juice for that tangy taste.
  • ·         Try out different colors and you can create a colorful platter. But try to mix tropical fruits only with other tropical ones. Also add different types of berries together. Not only that tastes good, but also it is visually very appealing.
  • ·         Add some cheese and vegetables to create some extra drama.Then you can have it as a full mean itself.
  • ·         Always add tomatoes as they are excellent for your health. Tomatoes goes with everything.
  • ·         Add some lettuce and chicken or tofu pieces for the perfect meal.
  • ·         Add some alcohol for that extra fun.
  • ·         Mix pomegranate and beet for some extra goodness.
  • ·         Roast your fruits and you will see the wonder. It becomes much softer and juicier and stay fresh for a long time as well.

You can use these ideas the next time you make a fruit salad. Add some unique ideas of yours and make it the best dish for your house party. Guests will love it. Send some of these nice salad to your loved ones in the form of a fruit hampers uk. Then you will be the reason for their smile.