Being a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure the physical well-being of your child. You can help your child develop good food habits and encourage him/her to take part in sports or other physical activities so that he/she can grow up as a strong and healthy individual. However, it is easier said than done, because due to the hectic lifestyle parents often don’t get the time to take their children to the local park. They frequently buy fast food items and sugar-coated snacks for the children so that the free time can be spent in front of the television, instead of cooking in the kitchen. Such lifestyle choices may be time-saving but will be dangerous for the health of your children in the long run. Here are some easy ways to educate your kid about food choices and physical activities.

Regular activity is essential: Physical activity should be a part of your kid’s daily life. Kids should get minimum 60 minutes of physical activity every day so that they can burn extra calories and reduce fat. You can include activities that strengthen bones and muscles such as karate and baseball. Kids learn from their parents and you should be the role model so that your son or daughter can follow your footsteps.

Switch off the screen: These days, kids have access to mobiles, iPad, PlayStation and many such other gadgets that keep them hooked for hours. Constant TV viewing and video games not only spoil the child’s vision, but it also paves a way for obesity. Don’t allow more than 2 hours in front of TV or computer and encourage your child to play indoor games instead. If you have a teenager, not a toddler.

Water is the best drink: Your son may love to sip the soft drinks but as a parent, you should never allow it because such drinks contain harmful elements. Make sure that your little one drinks only water to quench his thirst. If your son is more than 24 months old, then give him reduced fat milk as it’s a great source of calcium.

Offer fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and many other nutrients, thus, it is essential for kids to have fruits and green vegetables regularly. Vegetables and fruits boost their vitality and keep them safe from a wide range of chronic diseases. Say no to packaged fruit juice and encourage your child to eat fresh fruit.

Avoid unhealthy snacks: Eating snacks during the afternoon is not a bad thing as long as you choose healthy snacks for your kid. Snacks based on whole grains, fruit, and low-fat dairy products are good options. Stay away from the cakes, chips, and chocolates because no matter how tasty those are, if your little one consumes such unhealthy snacks regularly, then being overweight is just a matter of time.


You love your youngster and surely want to raise him or her as a healthy person, but to do that you have to be strict. Follow the advice mentioned above and you will find that parenting is not as challenging as you thought it would be.

Author Bio: Bill Williams writes about various topics related to health issues such as obesity, cancer, HIV and the method of reading Elisa results.