Butterscotch is one of the special flavors for Cake and it’s the more desirable recipe for your parties like Birthday celebration, Anniversary celebration, kitty party or many type of function. Butterscotch Eggless cake is unique recipe of vegetarian people. In my kitchen today I am trying to make Eggless Butterscotch cake for my sister’s birthday. Butterscotch cakes have always been a mouth watering flavor to everyone. Deigns of Butterscotch cakes are so unique and taste wise it’s so delicious. The recipe of butterscotch cake is very easy and all ingredients are easily available in market.


  1. Mix All ingredients as well till matter free of lumps.
  2. Follow Baking time to bake this cake carefully.
  3. All Ingredients are use as per quantity in cake recipe.
  4. Don’t over bake the, otherwise it will be dry and break.

Recipe of “Eggless Butterscotch Cake” at Home:-

  • Total Ready Time: 70 m
  • Preparation Time: 20 m
  • Baking time: 50 m
  • Recipe Servings Person: 5-6 person


For Cake:-

  • Maida or all purpose flour – 1 ½ cup
  • Butterscotch chips – ½ cup
  • Butter sticks – 50gm
  • Condense milk – 1 ½ cup
  • Sugar – 3/4 cup
  • Fresh Curd – 1 cup
  • Milk -1 cup
  • Butterscotch Essence – 1 teaspoon
  • Water – 1/4 cup
  • Salt – 1 pinch
  • Baking soda – 1 teaspoon
  • Apple Vinegar – 1 teaspoon

For Garnishing:

  • Whipping Cream – 2¼ Cup
  • Powdered sugar- 2 cup
  • Chopped Nuts – 250gm
  • Butterscotch crust – 3 tablespoons


  1. 1. Take a big bowl to mix ingredients, first we add melted butter and beat properly. Then add the sugar powder and again beat with the help of Hand Blander.
  2. Add condense milk into butter sugar mixture and whisk for 5-6 minutes. Then finally add Butterscotch chips, butterscotch essence and mix well when matter fluffy.How To Make Eggless Butterscotch Cake At Home
  3. Take another bowl and shift Maida in it, add baking powder, curd mix properly. Add Vinegar and mix dry mixture to wet mixture blend this matter to another 10 minute. Cake matter is ready to bake!How To Make Eggless Butterscotch Cake At Home
  4. Apply Melt butter to a cake pan and dust some flour into pan. Then take this cake matter to cake pan carefully.How To Make Eggless Butterscotch Cake At Home
  5. Preheat the oven in convection mode at 190c.
  6. Bake cake in Oven to the same temperature for 45 minutes, then after 45 min you can check cake by inserting tooth pin or knife into the centre of cake. If pin or knife clean your cake is ready.
  7. Remove cake with the help of knife into cake pan when it cool. Now you can garnish your Butterscotch cake with your style.How To Make Eggless Butterscotch Cake At Home
  8. You can much choice to decorate your butterscotch cake with butterscotch crush and cream, I add some nuts on the topping of cake so finally Butterscotch cake is ready to celebrate my Sister’s Birthday Party!
  9. For garnishing we cut this cake into three layers horizontally. In the middle of every two layer spread cream and joint three layer of cake with each other. Finally spread cream on the corners & top of cake.How To Make Eggless Butterscotch Cake At Home

Note: You can also make this Butterscotch cake with Egg; if you want to use egg then you can add 2 eggs and skip Curd. Now with this Tips you also make this cake with egg for Non-veg peoples.