In today’s fast-moving life, cooking is become a laborious task rather than a therapeutic one. Everyone is looking for easy cooking hacks that not only help in saving time, but can also boost your cooking abilities without making any compromises in taste. Do you want to be quick as lightning and become a wonder chef? Ido Fishman has discussed some easy cooking hacks below to save time while preparing some mouth-watering dishes:

Prep your veggies

One of the most vital part of your everyday meals are vegetables. However, it is a fact that half of your cooking time is spent on chopping all the vegetables. You need colorful veggies in tasty dishes as they amp the meal’s nutritional value. So, how do you deal with vegetables? Ido Fishman recommends that you microwave the garlic before peeling, as this can make it simpler and easier. If you don’t want the board to slip while you are chopping, put a damp cloth under it. Boil potatoes quickly by poking holes in them, as it allows the heat to seep in. Shred vegetables in a food processor if you want to make a salad.

Don’t forget the fruits

Fruits are an excellent source of natural sugars and vitamins. But, cutting them up for a quick snack or a salad can be quite tedious, especially when pomegranates and pineapples are involved. Plus, you have to store the cut up fruits in air-tight and dry containers to prevent them from browning. Bananas can be kept individually in the fridge for saving them. The Ido Fishman blog recommends that you wrap the fruits in aluminum foil and then place them in the refrigerator for increasing their life-span.

If you want the fruits to ripen quickly, they can also be placed in an air-tight container. If you don’t want your apples to turn brown because of oxidation, you can brush lime juice over the apple slices or dip them in salt-water before storing.

Managing the onions

Onions are an important part of almost every meal and you need to learn how to manage them. According to Ido Fishman, onions are not just the first ingredients that you toss in the frying pan, but they are also responsible for adding a whole lot of flavor without over-powering the dish. However, chopping them is no easy task because and it is a rather teary process. If you want to chop the onions and don’t want to get teary-eyed during the process, there are some hacks Ido Fishman can tell you.

First, you can avoid irritation of the eyes by refrigerating the onions for 15 minutes before you have to chop them. Peel the outer layer of the onions and immerse them in water for a while before you start cutting them. You can also invest in onion choppers, as these can simplify the process. It will take a couple of minutes and give you finely cut onions with the tap of a button.

Room temperature for parmesan cheese

Expert chefs like Ido Fishman will tell you that keeping Parmesan cheese at room temperature is the best way to go. When parmesan is warm, it will grate a lot faster than cold cheese. If you want to keep it refrigerated, there is no harm in doing so, but allow it to come to room temperature before you cook.

Handling meat right

When you are working with meat, cooking can take up a lot of time because you have to wash your hands multiple times. You cannot handle other ingredients after prepping the meat because it can lead to serious illness and cross-contamination. Ido Fishman suggests that you prep meat only after wearing gloves and then you can just take them off when you move onto the rest of the cooking process.

With these easy cooking hacks by Ido Fishman, you can save a lot of time and prepare delicious meals as well.