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Sugar Chic Sour Watermelons:

The sugar chic sour watermelons are creatively designed in the shape of watermelons. These sugar chic candies are popular because of their low price and high quality. These candies are liked by little ones as they are soft and tasty and are packed in a beautiful triangle box. These candies will take you back to your childhood because of their shape and taste. These candies are of red and green color as a watermelon. These wonderful gift boxes served by Nutcracker Sweets are of a very low price which is just $8.99.


Sugar Chic Sour Strawberries:

The sugar chic sour strawberries are served to you in a well-designed shape of a strawberry, which shows you the creativity of The Nutcracker Sweets. These sugar chic candies are sweet and sour just like strawberry fruit. It is made with 100% fine quality ingredients just like other sugar chic candies, it is served to you in a lovely triangle gift box. This gift box comes out with low price and beautiful packaging which is our main quality. These sugar chic candies are fresh and soft. This type of sugar chic candies is the favorite candies for children and elder ones also because it is soft and tasty. The taste and quantity of these sugar chick candy will melt your heart and you will be forced by your heart to buy gift boxes from The Nutcracker Sweets. The price of these tasty sugar chic candies is only $8.99.


Sugar Chic Sour Mini Blue Raspberries:

The sugar chic sour mini blue raspberries are made in the shape of raspberries. These sugar chic candies are soft and fresh and it will take you back to your childhood memories as we have eaten this kind of candies in our childhood. These cute little sugar chic candies are followed up by their best taste and their vast quantity which hits the heart of customers. It comes in beautiful packaging. These sugar chic candies are blue with a sweet odor. These sugar chic candies are served in a well-designed triangle box. These sugar chic candies are sweet and sour as the raspberry fruit. The price of this wonderful gift box served by The Nutcracker Sweets is only $8.99, which is a reasonable price.


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