After completing a surgery, you are not done yet with the overall process. The reason being is that you have to mind, as well, your recovery and the maintenance in the long run.

The length of a patient’s recovery from an oral procedure or surgery depends on several factors. It is on a case-to-case basis and it differs.

One of the factors that affect this dynamic is the foods that you eat. This is why dentists only recommend certain meals and beverages for faster healing and effective decrease of other related risks.

Here are some of the most recommended foods and drinks that are best for patients who had just undergone a dental surgery or procedure:

  • Blended Soup

Blended soups are one of the top foods that you should eat after taking surgery from the dentist’s clinic. They are very easy to consume and are rich in nutrients.

Also, soups help you maintain your hydration. It is essential to be hydrated at all times. Be sure that the soups are blended thoroughly, though, and that they are lukewarm.

  • Yogurt

Yogurt is another type of food that you should eat after a dental procedure or surgery. It offers high levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals, which are all helpful in your recovery process.

Moreover, the texture and temperature of yogurt are soothing. So, it can naturally eliminate any pain or inconvenience.

  • Scrambled Eggs

Similar to yogurt, scrambled eggs offer high levels of protein. In addition, it provides vitamins and minerals that are essential to recovery.

The texture of a scrambled egg makes it very easy to consume among all other types of cooked eggs. Make sure to purchase those that are pasteurized and omega 3-enriched, though, for a more nutritious option.

  • Smoothies

For beverages, smoothies should be your top pick. They are very nutritious and easy to consume.

While they are considered as drinks, they can also be used as a replacement for snacks or even meals. Make sure to use ingredients that are rich in vitamins and minerals, like veggies and fruits. You may also add protein powders.

  • Instant Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal is also a great choice if you want to recover from your dental procedure as soon as possible. However, this comes with reservations because of its sticky and chewy texture.

Although experts recommend a bowl of oatmeal for faster healing, they should be taken at least three days after the actual surgery.

  • Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is another recovery-fitting food for patients who underwent oral surgeries and procedures. Aside from being soft and creamy, they are packed with tons of vitamins and minerals.

You may choose to eat them as snacks. You may also opt to add them to smoothies, soups, and even scrambled eggs.

  • Avocado

Avocados are unlike any other fruit. It is a very unique one mainly because of its content. While other fruits are high in carbs, avocados are low-carb yet high in healthy fats.

Alongside its nutritious properties, this fruit has a smooth and creamy texture, making it a perfect food for people who had just completed oral surgery.

Foods You Should Avoid

While dentists may have recommendations on the foods and drinks that you should consume more, there are also some other edibles that you should avoid, especially after oral surgery, treatment, or procedure. Here are some of them, and make sure to check them all first:

  • Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables should not be on your menu list for a week or two following an oral treatment or surgery. Any way you slice or dice the veggies, roasting them won’t do any good.

Although veggies, in any way of cooking, are essentially nutritious and healthy, you must focus on pureeing them, especially after surgeries and procedures.

  • Crackers, Pretzels, Chips, Seeds, and Nuts

Chips and crackers, as well as nuts and seeds, are all should be avoided altogether. Aside from their high levels of sodium that may irritate the gums, they may also get stuck in any healing spaces or holes inside your mouth.

In most cases, patients have to wait a week and even up to three weeks before snacking up again on such foods.

  • Spicy Foods

Avoid spicy foods, as well, at all costs, when you are recovering from oral surgeries and treatments. You may end up experiencing immense lingering stinging and burning in your mouth after eating.

  • Bread

Bread is another thing you should not eat during the first few days of your recovery from dental surgery. They may cause damage to your gums, especially if they are still quite sensitive following a procedure.

You may wait up to five days if you really are craving bread. Make sure, though, that your jaw and gums are already strong enough.

  • Chewy Foods

Chewy foods are another thing to avoid after a treatment or procedure. They may harm your oral and dental health or may cause further risks to the existing concerns.

You should wait five to seven days before consuming chewy edibles. Some individuals even wait up to ten to 14 days to ensure their recovery and safety.

  • Alcohol

Acidic drinks, especially alcoholic beverages are a big no-no after undergoing dental treatments and surgeries. Usually, it takes hours up to days before a patient can get back to drinking such beverages.

However, ensure that you are following the recommendations and guidance of your dentist. There are cases when experts discourage patients from consuming alcohol, particularly when taking medications.

Final Thoughts

All in all, if you want to recover as soon as possible, ensure to follow your dentist’s recommendations and guidance. Focus on the seven given foods and drinks in this post, considering that these all came from experts in the field.

Aside from consuming these, make sure to avoid, as well, those that will likely cause inconvenience on your end. Apart from slowing the rate of recovery, they may even cause harm to your oral and dental health.

In the end, be sure to consult with your dentist about any concern that you may have after a procedure or surgery.