Birthday parties are fun and enjoyable for children and their friends. However, over the next 12 months, many of these parties will have to take place at home, meaning a lot of organising for parents.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced some party venues to close and others to operate with limited numbers. Parties as we know them are not going to be available for quite a while.

This has forced many parents to organise parties in their own home for children to enjoy, though this does come with a lot of work.

There are many things to get right, and one that will be towards the top of many lists is getting the right sweet treats for guests.

Food for a Birthday Party

When you throw a birthday party at a venue, there will be options for what food you would like to include. At home, you have to do it all yourself.

Depending on the time of the party, you will need to offer a meal to those attending, and you may also need to cater for the parents who are there too.

Standard party food such as sandwiches and snacks will be more than enough, served with some healthy drink options that the children will enjoy because they are unique.

You also need something to bring life to the party, there is a time and a place for healthy eating and at parties, children should be allowed to indulge a little more. Look out for snacks, treats and desserts that you know your guests will love and include those in your food plans.

Items such as popcorn are great for parties, but overall, the number one party essential has to be sweets for the children. You can’t throw a party without providing some sweets for people to enjoy, the parents are likely to have some too!

From sensible options for the meal to accompanying drinks and sweet treats, there is a lot to think about so make sure you break this down when you are doing your planning.

As a vital essential, and something that offers fun, sweets are the best place to start for those planning their food options for a party.

What Birthday Party Sweets Do You Need?

There are two areas to focus on here, firstly you want sweets that the children can enjoy while they are at the party and secondly you want some for them to take home in their party bags.

This is a lot of organising but luckily there are many companies out there that create party sweet packages. You can buy sweets from Sweet Moments By Fay for your party, they provide the treats so you don’t have to do the work.

Items such as pizza boxes full of sweets and pick and mix options are great to use as sweets during the party, something the children will all look forward to.

Sweets for them to take home are also needed too. These can be party cones, which are an individual cone of sweets and these are given out as party bags at the end of the event.

Having sweets available at the party, and also some to take home will be an instant hit with the children attending, so you know you have one area of the party covered in a great way.