Frozen dough is a very common ingredient in the baking world. It is easy to use and can produce delicious, fresh baked goods.

Frozen dough is typically distributed by cafe suppliers and can be used for bread, pizza, and other baked goods like pies. Frozen dough can be thawed at room temperature or in your cafe refrigerator before baking.

Read on to find out about the benefits of using frozen dough!

1. Frozen dough as an alternative 

Frozen dough is a great alternative for bakers who don’t have time to prepare dough from scratch. It offers quality dough for baking and saves you time and energy. 

Frozen dough comes from cafe distributors like Suprima Bakeries. You’ll be investing in quality dough as a welcome addition to your stock of ingredients. You may choose to buy in bulk so you can just thaw it whenever you need it.

2. Reduced labour and workload 

Frozen dough saves time because it does not have to be prepared in advance. It can be thawed and used when needed, which is especially convenient for bakers that need to prepare dough at practically all times of the day. 

According to a report by Allied Market Research: “The global frozen dough market generated $10.1 billion in 2020, and is estimated to generate $21.7 billion by 2030.”

The availability of this alternative is in demand because it helps create more opportunities for more baked goods with less manpower. 

3. More options for your bakery business 

The use of frozen dough in bakeries allows your business to offer a wider range of products in less time.

This type of dough helps you experiment and ensures that different types of products are rotated. Here are some examples of what you can bake with frozen dough:

  • pulled pork buns
  • pizza pie
  • bubble bread
  • cinnamons
  • spinach and artichoke bread
  • pepperoni stromboli
  • cheese calzones
  • cheese and garlic breadsticks
  • deep dish pizza
  • sticky buns
  • pull-apart bread 
  • focaccia bread.

This way, you can do trial and error. You can even survey your customers and see which ones can be added to your menu. If you just opened, it would be great to know which pastries sell first and sell fast! 

4. Customised pastries 

Frozen dough allows you to customise your pastries. For example, frozen dough can be used to make pain au chocolat but it can also be used to make ham and cheese pull-aparts. 

The benefits of using frozen dough is that it allows you to have a lot more control over your products since everything can be customised depending on the preference of your target market.

In conclusion…

Cafe suppliers typically distribute frozen dough, which can be used to make bread, pizza, and other baked goods. Before baking, you can thaw frozen dough at room temperature or in your cafe refrigerator.


Using frozen dough saves time while ensuring consistency of quality. As a bakery owner, you might want to invest in frozen dough and reap the benefits!