Small regular habits have a huge partaking on our health. Actually, a healthy lifestyle is composed of small regular habits that promote our health and pose no risks. Coffee and tea are the most drank beverages in the world but just because it is practiced with majority does not mean they are good. Coffee and tea have no immediate bad impacts but they are like slow drugs and that is the reason why people go on following the age old habit of drinking tea and coffee without every questioning it.  The amount of caffeine and Tannin in these drinks is very unhealthy for us especially to those who drink more than 2 cups daily. Coffee and tea boost our energy level and give us a quick head start and no one seems to be able to drop them. But what is there was a healthy substitution give the same alertness and energy boost but at the same time promoting your health as well? Matcha green tea is the substitution. I am not trying to just show drawbacks of regular drinks to endorse a new option, what I am telling here is a fact and totally out of concern for your health. Matcha tea is beyond amazing and everyone should try it. For genuine Matcha Powder Australia contact Ecceko.

 3 unique qualities of matcha green tea powder:
1. Detoxifying:  Matcha green tea powder can remove chemical toxins from body to help detoxify.  It has high amount of chlorophyll and that helps to give the plant vibrant green colour as well as its detoxifying abilities. We are exposed to processed foods and a lot of pesticides in our everyday food which builds level of toxins on our body. Drinking Matcha green tea daily is a great way to get those toxins out of your body. It also helps you to detoxify if you were a chronic alcoholic.

2.  High Catechin, EGCg level:  the most beneficial and potent antioxidants are catechins. EGCg or epigallocatechin gallate catechin is found 60 percent in the catechin content of matcha tea, EGCg is best known for its ability to fight cancer and scaientific studies have approved that Matcha green tea has one hundred times more EGCg than other tea available in the market. For fresh and genuine matcha tea Australia remember to contact Ecceko.

3.  It burns calories: Matcha green tea has metabolism increasing abilities and therefore helps to burn fat 4 times faster than any other calorie burning drink. The great thing about matcha is that it does not have side effects like high blood pressure or increased heart rate use other drinks like coffee, regular tea and calorie burning drinks have. Start drinking matcha green tea today for wonderful health benefits, great flavour and healthy lifestyle.