Many people find that shopping for groceries can get costly. Especially when they get to the part where they start to purchase different meats. Buying meat can even take you out of your budget in order to make sure you have what you need to cook. There are ways to save money when buying meats, however. You can do this by purchasing meat at a wholesale price. There are several different ways to accomplish this as well. There are some stores dedicated to the sale of bulk items, including meat. And then there are butchers that sell meat at wholesale prices. You can even purchase wholesale meat from the producer or even online. Places like Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory can assist you with saving money on your meat by purchasing wholesale.

Steps to Buying Meat in Bulk

The first thing you will want to consider when buying bulk, wholesale meats is how much storage you have to keep it frozen. The idea to buying wholesale means that you will be purchasing either the whole animal, half of the animal, maybe even a quarter of it. This does not mean that you can’t have the animal cut up in different ways still. It just means that there will be a lot of it and in order to make sure it doesn’t go bad, you will need to be able to freeze it.

After you have figured out how much meat you will want to buy, you will want to figure out how healthy the meat is. One of the biggest advantages to buying wholesale is that you will most likely be obtaining meat that does not have the additives that you will get when you purchase it at the store. You will first want to ask how the animal was raised. Was it grass fed and were any hormones or antibiotics used? This is the most pertinent question to ask to find out the quality of the meat you will buy. Also, you may want to find out how other people’s experiences are with dealing with the wholesaler you are purchasing from.

Making your Meat Last

Once you have decided how much meat you will buy and where you will buy it from, it is important to remember to have your cuts done in a way that it can be portioned out properly before freezing. This is important because thawing and refreezing meat can cause it to spoil. Separating your meat for each meal will make this easier. There are also freezing times that you should consider once you are ready to store your wholesale meat. For instance, raw beef can last in the freezer for six to twelve months, while raw pork can only last four to six months. Also, cooked meats have an even shorter shelf life of two to three months.

All of these factors should be considered when you decide to buy wholesale meats. While it seems like a lot of work just to purchase groceries, doing this can save you a considerable amount when it comes to your grocery bills.