For one reason or the other, you must have had indulged in one night of red wine drinking. Thing is you liked it, then it started to become a thing. Maybe the drinking is becoming even more occasional and you are wondering if you are actually helping your health with your love for red wine. I have an answer for you; red wine is good for your health, albeit when taken moderately. Red wine is good for the mood and the sight of the best red wine glasses makes you happy already – but vino is just as good for your health.

Here are some of the reason why drinking red wine is good for your health.

  1. Red Wine contains resveratrol

Resveratrol is a polyphenol which is concentrated in red wine. It is usually found in the skin of grapes (which by now you know is where you derive red wine); it is an antioxidant with huge health benefit making it responsible for the health benefits of red wine. This however should not be seen as a reason to get addicted or over indulge in red wine drinking – red wine is only beneficial when taken moderately.

  1. Red Wine reduces the risk of dementia

By moderately drinking red wine, you can actually reduce the risk of getting dementia. In a research carried out by the Loyola University Medical Center, it was found out that moderate drinkers of red wine are almost 25% less likely to develop dementia. This is not saying red wine is the cure to dementia, nope. All this means is that red wine does its own bit in helping you prevent dementia.

  1. Red wine prevents liver disease

While the common notion is that alcohol drinking increases the chances of developing liver-related diseases, red wine bucks the trend. Liver diseases, particularly non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases are significantly prevented by moderately drinking red wine. One shot of red wine in the best red wine glasses actually helps the liver!

  1. Red Wine prevents breast cancer

This is another unexpected benefit of liver – it might even sound ridiculous to some that red wine helps prevent breast cancer. Why? Alcohol generally increases the risk of developing breast cancer – but the opposite is the case with red wine. Also, this is backed by research. In a study carried out by researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, red wine was shown to prevent breast cancer.

While no medical doctor is going to recommend red wine for you if you are not a drinker already, no medical doctor is going to stop you either. All you have to do is keep moderate and you are good to go.

So there you have, red wine is actually good for your health. The most important thing to note though is that moderate red wine drinking is good for your health, even doing more than benefits listed above. So you have more reasons to enjoy your next sip of red wine from the best red wine glasses.

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