Drug addictions are becoming increasingly common around the country and the reason behind this is the lack of action on the part of the government and the lack of concern in our society. Our society has become very lax in our treatment of drugs to the point that several drugs have become mainstream and are in common use. Many of these drugs are very addicting and these are causing a rise in the number of people that start to abuse a drug each year. The number of people that clear out of rehab programs is also very low because of two factors. Firstly, these drugs are very addicting and therefore it takes a lot of time and commitment to rid yourself of these drugs and thus not everybody is successful. Secondly, the number of people that are interested in rehab is already very low. These combine to make the problem that is faced by our country.

Understanding what drugs cause these addictions and what are the symptoms can help you avoid them or recognize addiction and work to counter it. If you do find that either you or someone you know is struggling with addiction you must take action as a quick decision can make the difference between a life of addiction or a clean and sober life. Lookup a detox and rehab center in your city i.e., Denver detox centers so that you can get professional help at your convenience.

One of the most common addictions is the addiction to the consumption of alcohol. It used to be a prohibited substance but has become a legal substance nowadays for people above the age of 21. Even this prohibition is overlooked in some cases. Alcohol causes a sense of Euphoria by making our brain release dopamine. This means when an addict consumes alcohol, they have the same mental response an athlete has when they set a record or when a student does well in exams. This means that an addict’s brain gets rewired to mentally reward them after they drink alcohol. Moreover, the fact that the drink is commonly available people often believe that it is safe to consume.

Another drug that has a very strong addiction is heroin. According to some surveys, heroin is said to be the hardest drug to leave during a detox and rehab session. Heroin is an opioid and is often injected directly into the addict’s vein. A common danger that accompanies heroin addiction is the danger of HIV as addicts often group together to use the drug and often end up sharing syringes. After injecting the person experiences a very relaxing euphoria in a matter of minutes as the drug kicks in. This is very short compared to other drugs, but this is another danger as the quick euphoria becomes tempting and so people oftentimes use the drug back-to-back quickly developing an addiction. Among the people admitted for rehab in 2008 almost 15% were heroin addicts and only 23 % of these entrants successfully overcame their addiction.

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One of the most recent arrivals in the drug scene is Crystal meth or Methamphetamine. This drug works in a similar way to alcohol albeit on a grander scale. The person taking meth can quickly feel very happy and euphoric as dopamine rushes their brain. This condition often ends quickly leaving the person sad and depressed which causes them to seek the previous state of euphoria again which quickly makes them addicts. Meth addicts often experience hallucinations which can lead to self-harm as they get more and more paranoid. It can have very hard withdrawals and therefore medical supervision is required so that the withdrawal can be managed.

These drugs are increasingly becoming common in society and unless the government takes action it is upon us to stay away from them as even a small dose is enough to start an addiction.