As pet owners, one of the important things you need to keep on top of, is their nutrition and what they are eating. As their owner it is your duty to do this. Things you will need to consider is what kind of food dogs can eat that we consume and is what you are feeding them meeting their needs and dietary requirements? Will they need different types of food at different ages? There is a lot that you will need to think about and consider. 

When you are cooking for your dog you know exactly what is going in it and what they are getting. There are actually TV shows dedicated to cooking for your pets such as the pet chef series on Planet Eat! However, there is not actually any hard evidence scientifically which supports if cooking for your dog is better for them. It is however a way to know you are feeding them a wide variety of foods to suit your dog’s individual needs. A lot of pet owners buy the same pet food for the majority of the dog’s life so it is just like eating highly processed food for every meal, for years, day after day. 

By cooking their food it can help you monitor their health through their diet. Make sure they don’t have any weight issues like becoming obese. It is very dangerous when dogs become overweight and obese. It will also exclude you from common worries like your dog being intolerant to processed foods as well as products getting recalled for being unsafe for dogs

Mistakes Commonly Made When Cooking For Your Dog

When you start out cooking for your dog there are some things that are done commonly but are actually mistakes when making food for your dog at home. These include not using the right and most trusted resources. As anyone can put anything on the internet these days, people may come across recipes for home cooking for pets which are unbalanced and at times even dangerous. You can end up making your dog ill by not giving them enough of a certain nutrient or even by giving them too much. So avoid using generic recipes which are not backed by someone in the pet care industry or look for recipes from a veterinary nutritionist.

Another common mistake is not preparing balanced meals for your dog. By not preparing them as they should be as mentioned above, can lead to sometimes an excess in certain areas and a deficiency in others. They can be very concerning for your dog as they can lead to obesity, malnutrition and in some cases can even be fatal for your pet. 

Things Not To Give Your Dog To Eat

When making your dog’s food at home you want to make sure they are getting a varied and healthy diet. It is important to remember that although they feel like one of the family they aren’t human. There are certain foods which may seem healthy but are dangerous for dogs. They can be toxic and lead to a lot of complications. These include avocado, grapes, raisins, garlic, chocolate, onions and macadamia nuts.

These are just some of the foods to avoid, there are others so you need to make sure you are extra careful about the ingredients you are using. Be sure to do your research and use safe food for dogs which you have found from credible sources. When you find recipes for dog dishes, if they are vague it doesn’t mean you can go off and change some of the ingredients. It is important to follow the recipes exactly. Do not try to change or adapt recipes to suit your budget or what you have in the house. If you have concerns or any questions be sure to speak to your local veterinary nutritionist as they are the best people to seek advice from. 

What Are The Downsides Of Cooking For Your Dog?

One of the downsides of dedicating to doing home cooked dinners for your dog is that it is very time consuming and can cost more money. So it may not be for everyone. There are also ready meals out there which are prepared lovingly and include whole and natural foods. It is the next best thing to cooking yourself, finding pre-cooked whole ingredients food for your dog’s meals. 

It can certainly be beneficial to cook your dogs food if you have the time, funds and knowledge but it is also just as good to get pre-prepared food which has the exact same principles.