Coffee has never been more popular. With coffeehouses serving as local college hangouts and providing a social atmosphere for the growing number of young adult freelancers and remote workers, it’s no surprise that coffee has become less of an indulgence and more of a way of life for many millennial professionals. While millennials are spending less on other luxuries, coffee is one of the things they seem willing to splurge on, with the young adult demographic consuming 44% of America’s coffee annually. Simply put, millennials are almost single-handedly driving coffee sales.

Coffee subscription boxes are popular amongst caffeine lovers due to the variety of options available for a flat monthly rate. Instead of researching new blends and sampling different roasters independently, subscribers can anticipate a monthly delivery of curated samples from the best roasteries and be certain that every blend will be of the highest quality. If you’ve been considering joining a coffee subscription service, here are some reasons why it might be a worthwhile investment.

Coffee is good for you. 

You might be surprised to learn that your coffee habit has the mark of approval from scientists and medical professionals everywhere. It may be a surprising fact, but even your eye doctor agrees that coffee has massive health benefits. Habitual coffee drinks will be pleased to know that in spite of long-standing beliefs that caffeine increased your risk of stroke, there are actually noted scientific health benefits to indulging in your morning coffee, including prevention of damage to the retinas. If you’re near or far-sighted, your eyes will thank you for your coffee habits.

Whether you’re the type to roll out of bed and turn the Keurig machine on before you do anything else, or only an occasional appreciator of a Starbucks flat white, if you’re at all involved in coffee culture, you’ve probably heard a wide variety of prevailing myths that emphasize both the negative and positive consequences of caffeine.

You can sample different blends for a flat rate. 

A monthly subscription box is beneficial for the coffee addict on a budget since it provides regular deliveries of delicious blends that you may have never heard of otherwise for very cheap rates, and you never know what you’re going to get. In this sense, coffee subscription services are the gift that keeps on giving, long after the holidays are over. It’s like Christmas morning every time your subscription crate arrives on your doorstep.

Not only are there are a variety of monthly coffee club services that offer free trials for new customers, but the rates are notoriously low, especially considering the quality of the product. Most coffee subscription services pride themselves on their commitment and dedication to providing only the best blends by the most beloved roasters worldwide.

It offers a sense of exclusivity. 

Can’t travel to coffee hubs like those in Oslo? Being a subscriber allows you to taste the world’s best coffee right in your own home. For the millennial working from paycheck to paycheck or saving for future travels, coffee subscription boxes provide a luxury experience in your own living room. You can cozy up and sample the best roasters around the globe without ever putting a stamp on your passport, and feel like you’re a part of a special club while doing so.

If you’re the type to scout out the best new coffeehouses in town, you’ll love the VIP experience of being a coffee of the month subscriber. You’ll learn about brand new blends, sample roasters your friends have never heard of, and become an expert in global coffee brands.