Different prejudices made of coffee for a long time nothing more than just a particularly aromatic stimulant. Meanwhile, from a scientific point of view, with such health disadvantages has been cleared up. On the contrary: Coffee adds to the fluid balance, can prevent diabetes and Alzheimer’s, protects the liver and increases fitness. From Indus Coffee you can now have the best range of quality coffee as well as the option to enjoy them perfectly.

Coffee as a drink in the fluid balance of the body

For a long time, coffee in connection with a healthy diet was not considered a drink (and thus not as a contribution to the hydration), but more as a stimulant. In several new studies, it was finally concluded that coffee also supplies the body with liquid and must therefore be considered as a beverage in the fluid balance. Also the society for nutrition is now of the opinion that coffee is essential for many people in the daily total water intake.

Coffee enjoyment as a diabetes protection

Regular consumption of coffee can significantly reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus, according to a recent study. People who drank up to seven cups of coffee daily had the lowest risk of diabetes. For this effect, however, the caffeine contained in coffee is not held responsible, but rather one leads back the preventive or protective effect on the secondary plant substances, the so-called antioxidants. They are also contained in decaffeinated coffee, which is why it has the same effect. Among the Coffee manufacture in India the name of Indus coffee is well known and now you can get the best of them.

Promote physical fitness through coffee

Caffeine, however, also has positive effects, especially on physical fitness. In addition to an increase in the ability to concentrate and the willingness to perform, caffeine also demonstrably promotes endurance performance. Thus, coffee is also an acceptable beverage in performance and recreational sports, the performance-enhancing effect of caffeine is particularly profitable in endurance sports with a load of more than 5 minutes.

Drinking coffee stimulates the brain and prevents Alzheimer’s

It has long been known that it helps to make coffee livelier and to increase concentration. Now it has been scientifically proven that after consumption of coffee information from the brain can be taken up and processed faster. In addition, coffee has a mood-enhancing effect, the caffeine promotes the release of messenger substances such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins in the brain, which have an encouraging effect. As the Coffee supplier in India you can have such quality coffees from Indus Coffee now.

Further studies have also shown that the age-related decline in mental performance can be reduced by lifelong consumption of coffee. An observational study over many years showed that coffee drinkers were less likely to be demeaned than coffee abstainers. Alzheimer’s risk was reduced by as much as 65 percent in people who drank between three and five cups per day.

Liver protection by coffee

According to research, coffee drinkers are much less likely to suffer from liver disease than people who did not drink coffee. Three or more cups of coffee daily reduced the risk of progression of liver destruction by 53 percent in people who are already liver-damaged (e.g. infected with hepatitis).