When anyone hears something about healthy cakes, the first question that comes to the minds of all the people is Are they delicious? We are never going to claim that cakes are healthy for the body unless mental health counts it. A cake is always going to be the part of desserts but some recipes are definitely there which are healthier than others. Below mentioned cakes are healthy for the body. This collection of healthy cakes helps you to eat more and enjoy the taste of it. You can eat healthy cakes at every occasion because now there are many online portals who offer cakes on every occasion like special birthday cake for birthdays and mother’s day cake for mother’s day.

  1. Peanut Butter Cake

This cake is very easy to make. Only 3 ingredients are needed to make this cake and also it comes together in minutes. The 3 required ingredients are peanut butter, eggs, and sugar. The cake comes out much better than you would actually expect it to be. It can work as an after-dinner dessert for the family. It is really good for the health as it is gluten-free, high in proteins and also less in sugar as compared to the rest of the normal cakes.

  1. Fruit Cake

One of the healthier cakes. Don’t confuse between the desserts and the fruit cake. These cakes are made purely of fruits. They may lack butter and sugar but they are made especially for the health benefits. There are two types of fruit cakes. The first one is the fruits beautifully cut and arranged in a layer to form a cake This is one of the most adorable way to eat a healthy cake. And the second cake is made with the usage of all the ingredients just like the normal other cakes. The only difference is that the fruits are also included in the ingredients.

  1. Olive Oil Cake

If you are watching your health and you have the problem of cholesterol then the buttery cake is not the good option for you. An olive oil cake is the better substitute as it is healthier and good for the diet too. It is lower in calories as well as in cholesterol. It is a perfect sweet that you can feel good about without having any tension.

  1. Angel Food Cake

This cake is a very healthy dessert as it doesn’t contain any butter or oil. It only contains the white of eggs which doesn’t contain any fat so it is naturally a fat-free cake. The egg whites are whipped for multiple times to give the cake its lift so that you can eat it without a care.

  1. Nut Cake

This cake doesn’t contain any amount of butter, sugar or flour. It only contains 3 ingredients nuts, honey, and eggs. Nuts and honey are used to give the flavour to the cake and eggs to add the structure. This cake is extra delicious when served with the Greek yogurt.

As all these cakes are healthy and cannot be found at the normal bakery shop, therefore you can visit many online portals who offer healthy cakes to their customers. So, order your cake and enjoy its sweetness by just sitting at your home.