Formally we talking about gumbo, it is essential for us to talk about Cajun and Creole because gumbo is substantial for these both cultures. People havemisunderstanding about both that Cajun and Creole are the same culture. But both are quite different.

What is CajunsCulture

Cajuns are those descendants of the French Acadians that escaped from France because of religious disorder and runaway to Canada.  The British removed Acadians by force and many of them was died is known as “The Grand Derangement”. The Acadians then inhabited in Southern Louisiana.

What is CreoleCulture

According to my opinion, the creole culture is the outcome of most diverse and stimulating melting pots in America. It is a combination of Canadian, Haitian,German,Native American, Spanish, French and African cultures and traditions.

Cajun gumbo dish topped with parsley and green onion

Bell pepper, onions and celery are not stressed out of the dish. Cajun gumbo dish has frequently capped with green onions and parsley. Cajun gumbo is usually based on dark roux and make with fowl or shellfish. Ham and Sausage is further added to the variety of Gumbo. The dish Bubble for slightest of three hours and add some spices with shellfish near to the end. It traditionally served topped with rice.

Creole gumbo consist of seafood, tomatoes and thickener

Creole gumbo has frequently contains tomatoes, seafood and a thickener. It is usually consist of dark roux and shellfish or both. Tomatoes are not found in traditionally Creole gumbo but it looks in New Orleans Cuisine. This is a combination of many ingredients and several others like Choctaw, West African, German, Spanish, Filipino culture cooking practices. Only the Gumbo has been based on traditional West African or native dishes. It is basically derivation of Choctaw stew or French dish bouillabaisse but the most possible that all dishes contributed to original recipe.

Gumbo is a Creole Dish

Actually Gumbo is a Creole dish that has been adopted by Cajuns, like Robert St. Thomas. Creole gumbo comprises of stock, shellfish or meat, the so-called “holy trinity” of celery, onion and bell pepper. It is thickened with okra, files powder or roux and is frequently served over rice.

Creole gumbo Nutrition facts

Carbohydrates: It provides energy to our body and also help to stabilize blood sugar. It has 18 g carbohydrates.

Protein:  helps to forming new muscles and creating new enzymes. It has 2 g protein.

Fat:It is an essential nutrient that provide energy and help protect human organs from damage. This dish has 0.5 g fats.

Sodium: It keeps nerves and muscles working and this dish has 380 mg sodium.

Nutrition facts in percentage

  • Has high calorie density – this means that the amount of calories you are getting from an ounce is high (0.12 cal/oz).
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals (10.3%/cal) – a good source of Vitamin A, Potassium, Vitamin C and Iron.
  • Comprises a great amount of risky components that may contain sodium and sugars (0.05%/oz).
  • Good source of proteins (16% of DV/100g). Good source of fiber (49% of DV/100g). Relatively high in carbs (25% of DV/100g).