Burgers have been a huge craze in Australia since the early 20th century and coming into the mid-20th century, hamburgers at the Coles cafeteria stores were, what we call in today’s marketing trends, a viral sensation. The craze has evolved gradually burger cheese over the years and with the advantage of social media, the burger craze has scaled such heights that it has been able to defeat even the fitness and wellness craze – a trend that has in the recent decades built a solid hold itself.

Burgers are now seen as the best cheat meal one can have to derive guilty pleasure out of skipping their diet plans and making their calorimeter go crazy. Then there are those who are able to restrain themselves from munching on a burger cheese loaded cheesy burgers and instead prefer to feast on‘simple and fresh’ Aussie burgers. Though at first glance it may seem like the Aussie burger is dying out and American-style burgers are taking on the Australian burger scene, it is not the case. And there are many reasons why it is not the case.

Writing for Good Food, Josh Dye investigated into the basis that has been propelling the growth of the Aussie burgers across the Australian fast-food scene. He states that the Aussie burger is going to stay and retain its popularity among the Aussies no matter how delicious and seductive American-style burgers look on Instagram posts.

Compared to the American-style burger, our home-grown burgers have remained popular among the population for their uniqueness. Their flavour, created with a fusion of fresh ingredients, including egg, bacon, burger cheese, pineapple, cooked bacon and more; and their lean and simple appearance are the primary driving factors.

There are two reasons burgers, collectively, have weathered the fitness and wellness craze. The first, was the urge to cheat on your meals. This group of consumers sided with the bloody delicious, eye-popping and Instagram-worthy American-style burgers. This group of consumers not only feasted for their taste but also fulfilled their smartphones crave for capturing those picture-perfect dishes and uploaded them to their social media accounts. This sharing, and the inherent urge of social media mavens to share their prize on social media, is what propelled the rise of the American style burger.

The second reason is that there are Aussie burger servers, who try to avoid using ingredients that would make their burgers look too fatty and scare health and wellness-oriented consumers away. Though American-style burger joints are ubiquitous and many successful burger franchises have popped up across the country in the last decade, an owner of a restaurant that serves American-style burger, claims that contrary to the popular perception, Aussie burgers are consumed more than their American competition.

So, the question remains where is this clash heading to?


That’s right. As long as there are people with different taste buds and different perception for reviewing and accessing their way of life and palate, both of these same yet contradictory burgers will continue to clash on the Australian palate.

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