Imagine a dish that contains four different types of cheese blended together. Sounds like heaven, right? The taste, richness and flavour of four cheese mixed perfectly together, is the reason that Mexi Shred Blend is such a great blend. It gives a flavourful and shredded cheeses memorable taste to any dish and really excels, compared to just having one kind of cheese.

Many famous Mexican dishes such as Tacos, burritos, and quesadillas use a mix of cheeses, not just one, to create the perfect flavour. So, when it comes to selecting the best Mexican shredded cheeses, your best option is Mexi Shred Blend by Pure Dairy. It’s different to any other Mexican cheese blends because the portions of the four cheese are mixed together perfectly in order to not only provide the perfect flavour, but the perfect melting ability on anything that is hot. It’s a blend of four different Mexican cheeses: Asadero, Monterey Jack, Natural Cheddar and Queso Quesadilla. All four-cheeses need to be mixed in proper portion to make this delicious Mexican blend full of flavour.

It’s also essential to buy a Mexican shred blend cheese from a trusted manufacture or supplier like Pure Dairy.  Pure Dairy is one of the leading suppliers of shredded cheeses, particularly their Mexi Shred Blend, all over Australia. The taste and quality of their shredded cheese can’t be compared to other shredded cheeses. There is something special about Pure Dairy’s cheese blend that gives every dish an authentic Mexican taste. Here are some of the reasons why Mexi Shred Blend is the perfect fit for a range of dishes, Mexican or not!

  1. Perfect Blend

Mexi Shred Blend is a mixture of fourbeautiful cheeses: Asadero, Monterey Jack, Natural Cheddar and Queso Quesadilla.However, Pure Dairy takes it to the next level, with the portions of each cheese being measured and combined precisely to achieve a smooth, creamy texture when melted. This cheese blend is perfect for any Mexican andeven non-Mexican dishes.

  1. Tasty and Nutritious

Pure Dairy’s Mexi Shred blend brings the authentic Mexican taste to your kitchen. This cheese is a perfect combination of flavours and can enhance the taste of any dish from green veggies to grilled chicken. Apart from being delicious, it also contains necessary nutrientssuch as protein, calcium and carbs.

  1. Low Melting Point

Another great thing about this shredded cheese is, it has a low melting point. Pure Dairy’s fine angel hair Mexi Shred Blend is designed to melt on anything hot. It melts and blends with other ingredients effortlessly, so that you can enjoy its taste till the last bite of your dish.

It also gives that perfect stretching cheese effect to any dish, making your dish naturally more appealing.

  1. Gluten-Free

Nowadays, many people face problems with gluten products, and are removing it from their diets. If you are a fan of cheese but can’t eat some kinds because of a gluten intolerance, then Pure Dairy’s Mexi Shred Blend isthe perfect choice for you. It’s completely gluten-free, and you can enjoy this delicious cheese blend without worrying about your gluten intolerance.

So, next time if you decide to buy a Mexican shredded cheese blend, you better get it from Pure Dairy. They don’t compromise on the tasteor quality of their products.