Before Milky Lane was started, there was a gap in the market for burger restaurants with a unique dining experience. With juicy burgers, over-the-top desserts and wow-inspiring cocktails, that created a one-of-a-kind iconic institution. Since 2016, Milky Lane have shared their love of hip-hop with their amazing customers. Through their menus, restaurant themes, dine-in experiences, and music; they have showcaseda love for an urban, hip-hop vibe.

To this day, there’s no dine-in burger restaurant experience quite like Milky Lane. Not only are their burgers hand-crafted to perfection, and aptly named, but they contain genuine quality ingredients. It’s one thing to sell a brand image, but it’s another to sell a flavour. We fully understand the competition in Australia for burger restaurants, and Milky Lane are up there with the best.

Milky Lane only provides and uses quality products. With suppliers handpicked for the delicious produce they supply to Milky Lane stores across the country.

It’s not only quality that we have high standards for, but we know timing in the service industry is everything. Not only do Milky Lane customers expect high quality burgers, with an exciting dine in experience; but they also expect timely service. The Milky Lane experience starts from the second you arrive at a Milky Lane restaurant location.DJs, and unique art designs & installations enhance the overall customer experience, occupying your visual and audible cravings. Then, themoment your food and drinks arrive at your table, the full service package comes fruitfully together.

Now, for the delicious burger offerings! Milky Lane’s menu is built around amazing, designer, delicious burgers of all shapes, ingredients and sizes. Try the Fried Chicken Weezy with scrumptious southern fried chicken; or Lil Weezy with double smashed beef patties. For any organic lovers, we have the Big L, with grilled free range organic chicken breast. Although, if it’s your first time at Milky Lane, we recommendyou try the fan-favourite Milky Lane double smashed beef pattie burger. For the beloved vegetarians, the Drake burger, containing grilled plant based veef pattie is the go-to. Also Milky Lane don’t forget the traditionalists by providing them with a hearty Triple Cheese & Onion burger. Finally, for the downright ravenous type, the Kevin Bacon burger. The quadruple smashed beef patties and quadruple American cheese slices are guaranteed to satisfy any burger craving.

Hungry yet? I know right. Now wipe that drool off your device and come dine with Milky Lane. Where do you ask? Great question. Milky Lane has 9 restaurant locations across Australia. With six restaurants in NSW, two in QLD, and one in the ACT. For their NSW fan base, they have restaurants in Bondi, Parramatta, Cronulla, Crows Nest, Newcastle and The Star. For our QLD customers, they are located in Surfers Paradise and Newstead. Finally, for any ACT lovers, we’re based in Canberra.

So, whether you’re a serial burger lover, or wanting a completely unique dine in experience, go down to your local Milky Lane restaurant. Not only do they offer burgers, but a full bar experience, groovy side options, plant based dishes, kids meals, milkshakes and outrageously flamboyant desserts. Enjoy!