Everyone needs a snack from time to time. As the world emerges from months of lockdowns, many people are looking for healthier options to slim down for the summer, and when the mid-afternoon munchies hit, you’re not often craving carrot sticks. No matter what type of diet you follow, you need protein to get you through to dinner time, and it has to be something really flavorful to prevent you from grabbing chips or candy.

Bulk (Building Up Lives With Kindness) was founded to provide the best selection of high-quality jerky that can be found online. It has more types of beef jerky for sale than you ever knew existed. Whether you’re an unapologetic carnivore who believes it’s brisket or bust, a health enthusiast who needs a keto-friendly snack, or a committed vegan looking for something new and delicious, here’s a complete guide to jerky that will fulfill your every craving.

Beef & Pork

For those new to the world of jerky, it’s important to know that not all beef jerky is created equal. For the best texture and flavor, the cut of beef that is used to make the jerky matters. Brisket beef jerky will have a different texture than jerky made from any of the round cuts because it is a fattier piece of meat.

Let’s start with the basics. Bulk.’s Original Brisket Beef Jerky has a super-soft texture and mild heat. You can choose from five different flavors including Teryaki, Sweet & Spicy, or BBQ, or pick up the Sampler Bundle and get four, 3-ounce bags and find your favorite.

Classic Beef Jerky will have a tougher texture than the brisket jerky. If you think that jerky needs to have more of a “rip and chew” feel, then this is the jerky for you. This lean round cut is smoked for six hours and with less than 100 calories in a 3-ounce bag, you won’t miss your afternoon chip fix.

Once you’ve determined your preference for brisket versus classic jerky, you can branch out to other styles. You can try Nevada or California brisket jerky or there’s a Texas Style Classic beef jerky for sale. With a slightly different cooking style and flavor, maybe the Midwest jerky will be more your speed. For more texture options, try nuggets or kippered strips, and if the chip craving just won’t quit, brittle jerky has you covered.

What if beef just isn’t your thing? Most people love bacon so perhaps bacon jerky is what’s missing from your life. Crispy bacon with smoky crunch? Yes, please! But if crunchy isn’t your craving, the pork nuggets deliver all the flavor with a softer bite. For a new take on the classic beef stick snack, Wood Smoked Sticks and Hunter Sausage Sticks made with pork are fresher and have more unique flavor options.

Turkey & More

For jerky lovers who don’t love red meat, Bulk was thinking of you when it made its Original Turkey Jerky. It has the texture of classic jerky but the flavor of Thanksgiving Day.

When you’re really ready to up the ante, some Game Sticks or Wild Jerky may tempt your tastebuds. Venison, elk, and buffalo sticks and jerky are favorites with hunters who just can’t wait for the season to start to get their favorite snacks.

For the truly adventurous who are still waiting to be impressed, Bulk dabbles in jerky made from exotic meats, fish, and game from around the world. Check back often for the availability of Wagyu Beef Jerky or sometimes even ostrich.

Vegan & Keto

Not a meat-eater? No problem. If you arrived at the site looking for a gift from someone else and figured there was nothing for you, think again. Bulk thinks everyone should enjoy snack time, so its Classic Vegan Jerky has all the flavor punch and texture of its meat jerky but is made from soybean protein.

Maybe the meat is exactly what you need but you’re watching sugar and carbs. Bulk has a line of keto-friendly snacks that will allow you to enjoy its sausage sticks and jerky without messing up your diet. You can enjoy snacks made of beef, chicken, or turkey in a variety of flavors.

If all these options have your mouth watering but you don’t know where to start, you can grab one of the many Bulk samplers and get a range of flavors and snacks all at once. Then, when you’ve found your favorite, you can sign up for Jerky Club and get it delivered to your door every month.

Jerky is for everyone. Bulk is a family-centered company committed to kindness. It wants you to be more than a customer; the company wants you to feel like family. Because of this commitment, Bulk has created a diverse line of products to appeal to every tastebud out there.