As many of you have heard that real wealth is your health … as when diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.

Eating well is the most important part of our life.  It Helps To Maintain Healthy Lifestyle and Healthy Weight Also. It also reduces the Risks of Many Health Problems which Occur Due to eating unhealthy foods such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, high Cholesterol and many more.

Healthy eating has many benefits that will lead you to the happy life also.  When we eat healthy  food we sleep Better, we have more energy , we feel good and this tends to  have more energy and better  concentration  – and this all adds up to healthier, happier lifestyle !  No Matter what Phase Of life you are in, remember without Your Health you Have Nothing so, take care of you and be Proactive! Drink tons of Water to keep yourself Healthy and Hydrated.

Balanced diet tends to many good changes in your lifestyle:-

  1. Feel good about themselves
  2. Have stronger muscles and Bones
  3. Enjoy Better Mental and Physical health

    Let’s  come to the most important topic that includes which type of food one could have during pandemic.


  1. Broccoli: – All of us have heard about this vegetable. But few of us know that it consists of Good amount of Vitamin, Mineral, Fiber and many other Antioxidants. Everyone should include this in their diet.
  2. Citrus Fruit: – As we all know vitamin c is very important for our immunity System. It plays a vital role by giving boost to our immunity. It also helps in the production of white blood cells and white blood cells helps us to fight off diseases and other viruses in our body. Citrus fruits like oranges, lime contain good amount of Vitamin C.
  1. Yoghurt: – There is another great addition in your diet you could have is yoghurt. It contains nutrients that are essential for both bones and health. It has potassium, protein, Vitamin D. That helps to boost immunity.
  1. Turmeric: – If you have grown up in India. You all are aware about turmeric very well. It is the main ingredient in all our food and curries. it works as a medicine. It also provide us the ways to boost our immunity we can add a pinch of turmeric  to warm milk it will helps to fight off diseases and builds up immune system. 
  1. Kiwis: – This green Food is packed with all the vitamins in it. It is tangy in Taste. It has all the nutrients i.e. Vitamin C , Vitamin K , potassium it also rich in good source of fiber . 
  1. Green Tea: – As most of us very well knows about the advantages of drinking Green tea. One of them is losing of weight. It helps to lose weight but you should have to aware about its other benefits also that it helps to keep you strong and safe. Having a cup of green tea everyday will boost your immunity as well as helps you to relax and rejuvenate. 
  1. Red Bell Peppers: – It helps to increase Metabolism without increasing Heart rate and blood pressure. It is a Powerful Antioxidant. it provides good amount of Vitamin A that leads to good vision , healthy skin and a strong immune system.


Although having this a few juices will also help you to boost your immunity and gives you a healthy lifestyle….

  1. Cucumber, Coriander Leaves, And Bottle Gourd Juice: To make this healthy juice all you need is 125 grams of cucumber, 125 grams of bottle guard and handful of coriander leaves or can be according to your need. Clean them firstly then peel and chop them after that put them in to the jar grind them along with coriander leaves. You can add a little bit sugar in to it. This is summer friendly and rich in vitamin C and Protein. This will keep you hydrated too.


  1. Beetroot, ginger and Honey juice: Before making this you have washed the beetroot proper then cut it in to the pieces then put the thin pieces with washed ginger and garlic and blend them together. After that add water and a half of squeezed lemon into it. It is very rich in Vitamin C , Vitamin B9 , Iron that will helps to boost your immunity .Beetroot is good for skin also .