Spices have been a pivotal part of culture since ancient times. They have been used to add exotic and rich flavoring to food; nourish and support the body through medicinal applications; play a part in religious rituals; as well as a plethora of other practices such as preserving, dying, cosmetics, and perfume. Spices have been cultivated and traded for thousands of years, earning their right as the foundation flavors of many delicious and nutritious international cuisines. While these roots, seeds, bark, and other parts of plants can be highly beneficial; adding a quality supplement to your diet will ensure you have all of the health support you need, allowing you to effortlessly explore the tantalizing tastes at the tip of your taste buds. Review Critic is a great resource to use when searching for the best brands on the market as they offer quality reporting and in-depth reviews. So, now you have your supportive supplements set, let’s dive head-first into the wonderful world of spices.

1. Sensational Cinnamon
The first historical account of cinnamon – made from the inner bark of various Cinnamomum trees – dates back to 2800 BC where this sensational spice was included in ancient Chinese writings. Native to Sri Lanka and South India; cinnamon was kept a secret by suppliers in the spice trade to protect their monopoly from the Mediterranean and western world. Today, cinnamon has made its way into a selection of cuisines such as Carribean, Mexican, North Africa, Mediterranean, Indian, and Middle Eastern.

Health Benefits:
Rich in antioxidants (detoxifying)
Antiseptic properties
Lower cholesterol
Weight-loss catalyst and boost metabolism
Regulate blood-sugar
Support brain function

2. Nutritious Nutmeg
Nutmeg is made from the seeds of the Myristica fragrans tree, native to the Indonesian spice islands and the West Indies. This rare spice was traded in small and exorbitant amounts along the trade route since the dark ages, where its demand rose with a rumor that it warded off the plague. The source was discovered in 1512 by the Portuguese, then fought over by European powers for 60 years. Despite its bloodshed past, this once rare spice is now readily available and features in French, Caribbean, and Indian Cuisine.

Health Benefits:
Promotes digestion
Prevents nausea
Soothes toothache
Detox liver and kidneys
Powerful antioxidant
Helps blood circulation
Encourages memory
Acne treatment

3. Gentle Ginger
Indigenous to South China, Ginger root has been essential since ancient times and is known to have been utilized in cooking and traditional medicine for over 5000 years. Cultivated in many countries, ginger has found its way into beers, wines, breads, and sweets. This spice became a high-value commodity for trade in the 14th Century, where a pound of ginger was the equivalent worth of a sheep. Used in its rhizome form, as an essential oil, or ground up into a spice; ginger sits as a cornerstone in a selection of Caribbean, North African, Thai, Mediterranean, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Chinese cuisines.

Health Benefits:

Promote digestion
Reduce nausea
Relieve flu and colds
Lower blood sugar
Support heart health
Lower cholesterol
Improve brain function

4. Super Saffron
Saffron originates from ancient Greece and currently stands as the world’s most expensive spice. This is a result of its meticulous cultivation, where the stigmas of the Crocus Sativus flower are harvested by hand. This sensational spice has served a selection of uses, from scripture ink for Medieval monks to a bathing ritual for Cleopatra. It also features in a series of cuisines such as Indian, Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese.

Health Benefits:
Rich in antioxidants
Promotes mental health and memory
Prevents hair loss
Supports eye health
Anti Aging properties
Sexual enhancer
Regulates hormones
Encourages digestion

These spices have diverse and rich histories, used for many years for a variety of applications. From the secrets of sensational cinnamon to the dark past of nutritious nutmeg; the generations of use of ginger, to the exquisite and sought-after saffron. They are delicious additions to a variety of meals, giving each cuisine a unique combination of flavor. These spices are also incredibly healthy and support a variety of important bodily functions and sustain vitality; so be sure to add a little spice to your life!