Food is the gift that never stops giving and when we’re talking about desserts it’s another story entirely. The magic that good food and curious taste buds can create together is unprecedented in its entirety. But sometimes, just sometimes, the foodie inside of us all craves not adventure undertaken by wild choices but the beauty of a familiar flavour that invokes the memories of a time well past. Perhaps it was your eighth birthday or that special date in high school or when your best friend and you were celebrating an average result and you knew exactly what could lift your spirits.

That is where Gourmet Brownies come in.

How the Magic Happened
A funny legendary story about the birth of these Elysian foodstuffs is that it is the gift of the city of Chicago in the United States of America to the rest of the world. The name has been made a legend ever since its conception. At first, like all other food in the western world, it was possible to get gourmet brownies by post. And so as a large quantity of popular demand for the local delivery of these desserts arose, local bakeries had to rise to the occasion as well. With the advent of globalization, as fast food reached countries like those of countries in Asia, the game changed. Western foodstuffs became an immortal part of non western cultures. And so, as with all things delicious like cake, pizza, burger, pasta and whatnot- brownies became a global favourite.

Nowadays, it is possible to get pretty much anything by delivery. Online shopping and by call orders have worked wonders for delivery services. People can get clothes, makeup and books by online shopping and delivery services.
The same goes for the delivery of gourmet brownies by post. Many bakeries and confectionaries now have websites for their businesses and interested buyers can choose their favourite toppings or side dishes to go with their most preferred flavours and variants.

Sweet Redemption
Ah, the sweet ecstasy of melting baked batter and chocolate in your mouth. The exact medicine that doctor that is your heart prescribes. The taste that reminds you of what it was to be young and uncaring about weight gain or skin breakouts but only concerned with raiding your mother’s grocery shopping and finding your treasure and running out before anyone could ever catch up to you. Brownies come in different forms such as rainbow dash cream dips with sugar icing and dark chocolate cream whipped toppers. Made that much more attractive by adding colourful confections such as sprinkles, cream and even ice cream is a popular choice with freshly and hotly baked brownies. Fun Fact, there is a popular version that is almost golden in colour and is called blonde brownie or Blondie.

Name Game
Brown, the colour of warmth, coffee, chocolates and many of the other best things in the world. The colour that if one is so lucky as to have in their eyes, proclaims, that this is where you can look forward to if you need rest and require a judgement free relaxation session.

Brown is internationally recognised as the most inviting colour. The appeal is psychological as well. If you are familiar with colour theory then you might be aware that brown is also a colour that solidly represents candour.
But most importantly, it is the colour of chocolate. And who does not love chocolate. So the next time you wonder why is a brownie called a brownie, think about chocolates and colour theory.