Consuming foods that are high in trans or saturated fats can trigger inflammation in our bodies. This has been a major issue that is faced by many. Inflammation is usually caused by overeating unhealthy foods. The main culprit of inflammation is junk food. People who overeat and consume regular junk food are more likely to suffer from inflammation.

People who have an underlying issue of inflammation can suffer from various other problems as well. These issues are acne, bad digestive health, GERD, acid reflux, heart disorder, and arthritis. All these health problems are caused by inflammation.

are several ways in which you can control the inflammation of your body. Some might consider taking medication to cure inflammation, but it is not an issue that can be treated permanently unless you bring major changes in your lifestyle. Only then it is possible to control inflammation.

We will talk about 4 healthy drinks that will help you in preventing inflammation and all other issues that are related to it. Consuming spicy and oily foods can also cause inflammation. So it is better to avoid such foods so that you can control this issue. The following are some of the foods that will help you in preventing inflammation.

1.       LEMONADE

Lemon is a great anti-oxidant that helps in reducing inflammation of the body. Almost all citrus fruits are helpful in reducing the inflammation. Although one thing that you should keep in mind is that don’t consume too much lemon otherwise you will damage your kidneys.

Mixing lemon with water helps in cooling down your body. If you want to detox your body then you should also use master cleanse lemonade in order to detox your body. Drinking lemonade will also increase the level of electrolytes in your body.


Cucumber and mint both contain anti-oxidants and a cooling property that reduces the inflammation of your body. So if you are looking for something that can help in cooling down your body then mix cucumber with mint and make a smoothie.

Drinking this smoothie will help in improving your digestive health by reducing the inflammation of your body. Peppermint helps in soothing down acid reflux. Those who have a condition of GERD, then cucumber mint drink is perfect for you.


Honey is known for its healing properties. Consuming honey on a daily purpose can heal ulcers, improve digestion, and lower blood pressure. Mixing it up with lemon will help in reducing your inflammation.

Lemon and honey contain anti-oxidants properties that are very important in reducing the inflammation of the body. Honey lemon tea will not only reduce the inflammation but will also help in reducing your weight. So it’s better to drink this tea every morning, and it will detox your body.

4.       BONE BROTH

Broths that are cooked for a longer time contains several healthy nutrients. They contain zinc, protein, calcium, collagen, and most importantly amino acids. These amino acids are responsible to make your digestive health better.

This is why bone broth is really important for your health. Consuming bone broth on a daily basis will control the level of inflammation of your body, and because it contains protein, calcium, and collagen. It will also help in improving your bone health problem.


Make a diet plan and add these 4 drinks in your diet. These drinks will not only help in improving your overall health but will also reduce the inflammation of your body. Like I mentioned before that inflammation is a major issue that is faced by many people and reducing it is not an easy task to do. People who follow a healthy diet can somehow control the level of inflammation in their bodies. This is because the foods that they consume are healthy and they don’t trigger inflammation in your body. Foods that are anti-oxidant and contains amino acids are more beneficial in reducing the inflammation of your body. Try to consume foods that are not high in inflammatory properties. Foods that contain a high level of sucrose, processed meat, vegetable oil, and excessive alcohol can cause inflammation. So try to avoid such foods and drinks and change your lifestyle to become healthy.