Kolkata is a city that loves food as much as culture. It would help if you did not miss eating street food when you are in the city, and you will be exposed to a massive variety of cuisines.

Kolkata’s street food is probably the best in all of India. You will fall in love with eating lip-smack food. In Kolkata, you will get street food from all parts of India. From idli, dosa, and Chinese food to chat, momos, vada pav, paw bhaji, chhole bhature. Many of us go to Kolkata, but they do not know which street food is so famous and tasty, you will understand after reading this article. You will find all the outstanding street food there. Here are some of them that you can enjoy this mouthwatering street food.

Puchka- Pani Puri is very famous in Kolkata. It is the most desirable pani puri in India. I have eaten Pani Puri at most places in India, but I have not found any place where Pani Puri tastes like Kolkata. It is unmatched in taste. Their style of serving is somewhat infrequent; they serve Puchka with chili, cumin, mint, spiced tamarind, and tangy water.


Jhal muri- Many of us also know it by the name of Bhelpuri. It consists of puffed rice (murmura), some vegetables, green chilies, chutney, and some spices. By using chaat masala and lemon, it adds to the flavor of the snack even more. It is very spicy and tangy. It is served in a cone made of paper or thonga. If you go to Kolkata, don’t forget to eat it.


Ghugni– It is so tasty to eat that mouth water comes before eating. It is cooked white peas with gravy. It is very spicy and delicious. Ghugni is served with onions, coriander, and chilies. In North India, we know as a Matar Chaat.


Chilla– It resembles Dosa but is made from gram flour instead of rice flour. It is full of healthy, contains green onions, peppers, coriander, and some hot spices. And two types of chutney are served with peppermint or tomato chili sauce. You can eat it without chutney.


Kathi Roll or simply Roll– It is a thin paratha made from fine flour. It is filled with many types of filling, such as egg, cheese, kebabs, chicken, and more. And serving with mouth-watering chutney, I cannot explain what it tastes like. You will know after you eat it.

Kathi Roll

These are the most famous food in Kolkata. You can get more after seeing once on the streets.

Conclusion: You should not miss Kolkata’s street food. You can try it at least once in your life because it is rich in delicious and pack it for your family.

Kolkata street food is like a buffet of tasty items where none of the things match each other. Talking about sweets, Kolkata is its king. The desserts here are mostly made from milk products. Rasmalai, Chamcham, Sondesh, and more. Kolkata is called the most extensive street food center in India.

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