Food is elemental for our bodies to expand, replace and revamp cells and tissues. It produces energy to keep temperate, move and work also carry out chemical processes such as the absorption of food. It protects against, resists and fightsinfectivity to recover from illness.Food is made up of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and iron, etc. The body cannot perform well if anyone nutrients are missing. Healthy and balanced diet is right amount and combination of all nutrition as it will keep us free and secure from all harmful diseases.

As said, “Prevention is better than cure.” A person has to eat healthy to stay healthy and lively.Every single food contains combinations of nutrients that our bodies require. Variety of foods will supply the nutrients that are fundamental to our bodies. We do take care while choosing the food which is available seasonally and locally as eating can be pleasant, healthy and reasonable.

Food is an integral part of life,and it plays avitalrolein good health.An excellent nutritive food makes health, but at the same time, unhealthy food givesascend to several diseases. Our cells, tissues and all organs workappropriately only with nourishing food which we eat. All body functions metabolic, hormonal, mental, physical or chemical cannot be performed without nutritiousfood. Food provides us with valuable nutrition which is essential in thetreatment of infection,and thelousy food is responsible for lowered resistance in the body.

Human cells need many chemical components,and other basics which are called crucial nutrients and these all must be present in ample healthy food. The claims are various diseases can cause essential nutrients under bring in, but they also assert that these illnesses can evencure when all the nutrients are abounding in aproper manner. A well-balanced, nutritive and appropriate diet is thus of highestsubstance for the maintenance of good health and curative of diseases.

It is theprimary factor in theattainment of healthy growth and development. The role of nutrition food cannot be neglect­ed in support of health and preclusion of disease. The individual body can be compared to a machine, just as a car burns up petrol to generate its energy, so the human body requires food to produce the energy which keepsthe heartbeat, the lungs gasp and the limbs moving.

Nutrients divide into six categories which are:

  1. Carbohydrates it provides energy to the body and found in rice, bread,and all grains.
  2. Fats it’s a compound which is insoluble in water and found in butter, fish,and ghee,etc. It stores in our body for later use energy.
  3. Minerals it’s for the maintenance of body function like stimulating growth, normalizing the nervous system,etc. It can found in cereals, bread, meat and dairy foods,etc.
  4. Proteinisessential for muscles, skin,and It creates various enzymes in our body to control different functions. Itsprimary source is milk, meat, egg,and vegetable,etc.
  5. Vitamins it’s an organic compound required as a nutrient for good health and found in fruits, vegetables, milk,and eggs,etc.
  6. Water is theelixir of life. Our body comprises more than 70% water.

Here you go with 25 foods that are super healthy and full of nutrition:


It’s high in fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients. Usually, it’s taken in breakfast to lower cholesterol level which helps in aid of digestion and also improve metabolism. It’s an excellent start to the day if you make it ahabit and do afavorfor your health. Oat in thewhole form takes along time to cook due to which many people’s crushed or cut it. Instant oats are highly processed and take theshortest time to get in cook texture. It’s a source of fiber and carbohydrates and helps to reduce weight. Oats are also the cure for asthma and give skin care.


A high take on fruits and vegetables associates with healthy skin; hear also increase energy and helps to reduce weight but it also decreases the risk of obesity. Strawberries are eaten raw by adding in fruit salad, custard,and different recipes. Mostly it is used in processed food items like ice cream, jams, jellies, squashes, chocolates,and medicine,etc. It enhances the flavor, taste,and color. It’s a cure for constipation, cancer, stroke and heart disease. It also boosts the immunity system.


Beans are high in protein and low in cholesterol. Usually, we use it in salads for anideal diet plan. They load up with fiber, magnesium. It also reduces the hazard of certain cancers.It’s also called a power food. It provides thebody with soluble fiber, which plays a significant role in controlling blood cholesterol levels.  It triggers migraines or an allergic reaction in some people. Beans are shaped like kidneys and also boost cognitive skills or improve brain system.

Green tea

Green tea is a remedy for old age people as it cures cancer to heart disease. It’s an antioxidant drink which slows irregular cell growth. Green tea also helps to reduce the weight and an essential ingredient of detox water. It triggers plaque and assists in thebuildup of arteries that can lead to heart attack. It also fights against inflammation and improves skin elasticity which keeps you young inside and out.


It’s an edible green plant fromcabbage family whose head flowering part can eat as a vegetable. It is full of vitamins, minerals,anddisease-fighting compounds. It is also called healthiest plant. Broccoli stands out for theexceptionally high level of Vitamin C which helps to reduce therisk of heart disease and strokes. It can be cook by steam also an instant food which improves digestion system as well as lower cholesterol level.

Goat Cheese

Goat Cheese

Goat cheese is less in fat and serves with other cheese. It contains protein, calcium,and dose of iron. It causes less inflammation and easier to digest. High in calcium but fatty acids are less in cholesterol. It also makes our skin glow. It serves with milk and sugar usually.


Coconut is whole palm or the seed, also called fruit. It’s not a nut and healthier choice for people as full of rich taste. It has a lot of health benefits which can help in stroke risk. It is less in calories and full of nutrient water. We can also extract oil from it. It helps in fat burning and good for hairs. It is in 3 layers the harder outside shell, the soft inner fiber of fruit and then water. Water is also called water milk and used in cooking.

Canned salmon

Salmon is delicious fish which is rich in Omega-3. It’s a good source of vitamin C, calcium and protein. It is available in cans. It lowers the toxin risk and reduces fatty acids. People used in asalad as well as in other food. It’s nutritious and affordable.


Almonds are dense nutritional nuts as they are having thehighest concentration of nutrients. It’s high in calories, potassium, calcium, vitamin E, magnesium,and iron as well. We also extract oil from it which is very soothing for thebody.


It’s a fatty fruit which contributes to staying healthy with balanced blood flow and brain health. It also decreases the possibility of cognitive decline. Avocados used in salad and other dishes and rich in flavor.


Eggs are high in vitamin E and D. It keeps your eyes, hair,and skin healthy. It also reduces the hazard of macular degeneration and protects UV damage to thebody. Eggs are known for enhancing memory and brain development. It contains antioxidant.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate packs with antioxidants. It tastes bitter but very beneficial for all heart patients. It also contains some amount of nicotine but helps to prevent thebody from different diseases. It enhances your mood and concentration.


Yogurt has good bacteria in it for a healthy life. It reduces bacterial diseases,and it is quite rich in calcium. Yogurt can process from milk. It gives excellent prevention of osteoporosis patient. It also heals all the problem of bones in human body. It tasted sour and used in cooking as well.


Potatoes are rich in potassium and help to make blood thick. It is also essential for blood pressure management. Potatoes lower the risk of cardiovascular and having numerous health benefits. It tasted so good and used for every kind of food.


Lemon is citrusy food and having acid in it. It’s mild and high in vitamin C also helps to protect cells from damage. It also helps in healing wounds and makes our skin glowing. Lemon zest is a rich flavor which gives akick to our food.


Yeast is crazy in flavor and helps out to make cheese. It’s a nutritional punch and high in protein. It also has zinc, vitamin B,and fiber which nourish our hair, skin,and nails. Mostly it is used in thedough to make it fluffy. It is mainly used in Italian dishes.


Mango is called king of fruits and versatile stone. Mangoes are full of vitamins and antioxidants. It is rich in taste and favorite fruit of 90% people. It’s in bright yellow and high in carbohydrates which cause diabetes. Mango provides 45% energy for a day.


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is universal. Apples are rich in taste, high in fiber and juicy. It has fewer calories and helps in thedigestion system. It lowers the cholesterol level. There are so many kinds of apples that one can never count that is amyth about apple.


Pea is a small veggie and also ideal for snacks. They are high in nutrients and rich in vitamin A and K. It looks so moist,but when it gets dry, they taste like starch. It’s excellent in raw taste even. We use it in salads, Chinese and mostly for snacks. It looks like green pearls.


Corn is a summer vegetable and available year round. It is high in calories and full of nutrients. It tasted good and loaded with lutein and phytochemicals which promote ahealthy vision of human body. Children love to eat it. We also extract oil from corn which is mostly available in themarket.


Olive is ahealthy ingredient for ahealthy diet. We used it for salad, pasta,and sandwiches,etc. It’s a good source of antioxidant and helps to prevent blockage in arteries. We also extract oil from it in refined and virgin form. It’s a human-friendly ingredient in all manners.




Fig is a fruit which contains little seeds in it. It is high in vitamin A and C and unique in tastes. Fig is mostly used in sweet dishes like ice-cream and different savory dishes. Its aroma is quite refreshing and also used as an appetizer.


Coffee is a morning drink which helps us to get fresh. It increases health problems like heart disease or cancer. It’s high in nicotine. Coffee is complex drink as it contains a lot of compounds. Antioxidants also include and it lowers the risk of diabetes, liver cancer,and body ache. We used it with milk and sugar while it isareal drink which we have to intake in tangible form.


Ginger is twisted rood which is anatural remedy for nausea and motion sickness. It is used in a lot of medicines especially traditional medications for digestion. Ginger has azingy flavor which helps to cure acidity. It contains beta-carotene which is good for skin and hair. It supports theimmune system and helps in healing. It usesfor salad and food. We keep it in thefridge with plastic wrap as its aroma is very absorbent.


Basil is anassociate of the mint family, and it’s a star ingredient for thearomatic purpose. We also extract oil from it and contain anantioxidant compound which is combat inflammation. It is also high in vitamins. It is nutritious and helps in many recipes as well it is called heart vegetables.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seed is high in vitamin E which performs theantioxidant activity. It is good for immune system. Sunflower seeds can be extracted from the flower when it gets dry. It is available in roasted form at themarket. People used them in salad and served it as a nut too. We can also extract oil from it which is safer for cancer patients.


Mint is an aromatic, refreshing herb and its leaves havebeen used for thedigestive purpose. Mints also have antimicrobial effects and antiviral effects which help to fight against all viral infections. It’s a cooling and soothing herb with aunique flavor which is used in cooking and in different drinks. Now, there are many flavors available in market like spearmint, apple mint etc.

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