Cupcakes have become a big hit with the public recently especially since Instagram and Pinterest have had crowd put up more macro, picturesque and beautiful food photographs online. A lot of people these days prefer to order cupcakes, pastries, macaroons and other such simpler and smaller desserts as compared to the classic 1 or 2 kg full cake. A lot of local bakeries have also started to keep a batch of fresh cupcakes right on their front shelf because college going kids, office goers and other travelers who want a quick dessert can pick one up on their way!
But when it comes to parties, how do you decide whether or not you should order cupcakes or stick to the classic full cake? A lot of people keep a small cake just for the cutting ceremony and serve cupcakes to everyone at the party just to keep the cake cutting ceremony alive. Should you opt for that too?

Here are a few reasons why cupcakes are way better than a big cake for a party and why you might want to consider these for your party –

Less Messy as Compared to a Full Cake
Cupcakes are less messy because you don’t need to cut a cake into small slices for serving the guests at the party. Also, all the cake slices aren’t equal, so you end up giving smaller pieces to some and bigger pieces to some. Cupcakes are easy to eat because these are bite sized desserts which can be easily served as well!

Variety of flavors
Each cupcake can be a different flavor as compared to a full cake of one flavor. This is an exciting option for a huge party with a lot of guests because everyone gets a different flavor with a different filling, topping, frosting and fondant. These are also one of the best options for kid’s birthday parties because of the exciting flavors and designs that they can come in. You can easily customize your cupcakes by placing an order for online cake delivery in Kota, Udaipur or anywhere throughout India.

Easy to Serve
Since these are tiny and can be easily placed in the serving trays and dishes, they are extremely easy to serve at parties. Unlike a full cake which needs to be cut in slices, then placed onto paper plates and finally, served with a plastic spoon or fork, the cupcakes can be easily served as they come in tiny paper cups! You just need to serve these with a tissue paper in case someone needs to clean up after!

Cheaper than a full cake
Cupcakes are generally cheaper that buying a full cake because these are way smaller and are generally bought in dozens. If you are buying a bulk order of cupcakes you generally get a discount. You can easily place an order for online cake delivery in Kota or any place across India. Most of the online bakeries also provide free delivery so that’s another bonus to ordering online!