Are you fond of cookies and always try exotic flavors whenever they come in the market? If yes, you must know this fact that cookies preparation is not a tough task.  With the right technique and a few efforts, you can bake the best quality cookies inside your kitchen. Cookies are among the most popular munching snacks that you can enjoy in multiple ways. The cookies of current times are coming with great evolution in tastes. Bakers infuse them exotic flavors that no one can resist with just one bite. Currently, chocolate cookies made with different recipes are trending in the market. One can easily find 4-5 chocolate cookies options in a bakery. If you have an oven, there is no need to buy cookies from outside.  You just need the right recipe and some ingredients that I am going to mention in the article below.

Authentic and Easy Recipe to Prepare Nutella Hazelnut Cookies at Home

For easy preparation of cookies at home, first, you need to arrange all ingredients. While gathering ingredients, it is advisable to keep everything in precise quantity as mentioned in the recipe. Here you are going to prepare 12 servings that will take almost an hour for preparation. So, let’s begin with the ingredients:-

  • Take a large bowl & add 2 ½ cups of normal flour in it.
  • For enhancing chocolate flavor and texture you need 1 cup of chocolate chips.
  • ¼ th cup of unsweetened cocoa powder for improving the thickness of chocolatey taste.
  • Take ¾ the cups of brown sugar & white sugar each.
  • One cup of butter that must have a thickness of room temperature.
  • Take 2 large eggs to add in the batter.
  • ½ cups of Ferrero Nutella hazelnut spread & chopped toasted hazelnuts each.
  • One teaspoon of baking soda and one of salt.
  • Two tablespoons of concentrated vanilla extract.

Apart from hazelnut spread and vanilla, the rest of the ingredients must be available at your home. Buy the remaining ingredients form the market and start the preparation process.

Preparation process

  • Take a large bowl, mix flour, baking soda, cocoa powder & one teaspoon of salt in it. Use a whisk and stir the mixture to make sure no lumps are remaining in it.
  • Take an electric mixer jar, put butter, white & brown sugar in it. Beat the mixture until it becomes perfectly smooth. Now, break two large eggs, chocolate hazelnuts spread and vanilla flavor in the same jar and mix perfectly.
  • Start adding this mixture in flour bowl slowly & mix with the help of a whisk. Add your chocolate chips and hazelnuts in this mixture & make sure that they spread through the entire dough. Take a cookie scoop and drop this mixture on a baking sheet in the shape of cookies.
  • Preheat your oven up to 175 degrees C & put the baking sheet inside it. Let the cookies to bake for around 12-13 minutes. Take your cookies out and let them cool down & enjoy later.

This is among the easiest and most delicious Nutella hazelnut spread recipes that you can try at home.

Precautions to consider while preparing cookies at home

  • Always measure flour correctly with the comparison of other ingredients. Less or more flour will change the taste, crisp & texture of your cookies.
  • Make sure that your butter is always at room temperature rather than melted or frozen.
  • Buy a baking pan of light color. If your baking pan is of black color, it will absorb maximum heat & overcook the recipe. It may result in bitter taste in your hazelnut spread sandwich due to burning.
  • Never put your cookies inside the oven in a hurry. Cookies require a specific level of temperature to start baking. If you start baking them at a lower temperature, the results will be dissatisfactory.

From the above recipe & instructions for baking, it becomes clear that how you can easily bake crispy chocolate cookies at home.