Eating the same sandwich will surely be annoying at some point no matter how big sandwich lover you are. If you want to change the taste of your sandwich, try adding something new like cheese curds. As it’s easy to get a cheese curd in Australia.


A smoky flavor grilled cheese sandwich with extra bacon really taste tremendous and adding cheese curds will make it taste even better


Cheese curds have a different texture compared to cheese slices; it melts a bit differently due to which you can get a pleasant contrast of taste and texture. And adding some cheese and bacon




Cheese Curds                                                          1 cup

Bacon                                                                                    2/4 slices

Butter                                                                         1 tablespoon

Salt and Pepper                                                       to taste

Vegetable oil                                                             1 tablespoon

Sandwich Bread                                                      2 slice

Liquid cheese                                                           ½ pound

Cider vinegar                                                                        2 tablespoon

Onion                                                                         1 (Medium size)

Mayonnaise                                                              to taste



  • Cut the onion in thin slices
  • Add some vegetable oil and heat a pan over medium heat. Add the onion and cook for a few minutes until it gets golden brown and occasionally stir. Sprinkle cider vinegar and season with salt and pepper to your taste.
  • Meanwhile, in another pan, cook the bacon to crispy over medium heat, turning once and drain on paper towels.
  • Spread some room temperature butter on one side of the bread slice and place it on the plate with buttered-side down. Then add Mayonnaise, onion, cheese curd, and bacon.

(if you love spicy, cut the cheese curds into small pieces and fry them seasoning with salt, pepper, and paprika )

  • Spread some more Mayonnaise on top of bacon and cover it another slice of bread.

(Before you grill the sandwich, make sure the covering slice of bread is buttered properly.)

  • Heat the grill (according to product instruction), place the sandwich and close the cover. You can press the sandwich if necessary. Grill each side of the sandwich until it’s browned.
  • Place the sandwich in a plate, remove the bread slice, and pour some liquid cheese on it.

(Liquid cheese in Australia is quite famous among the cheese lover, it gives smooth and gooey texture to your sandwich)

  • Cover the sandwich and Cut it into half and serve.

A delicious grilled cheese sandwich with cheese curds is ready. Let it rest! Before you take a bite, else you might burn your mouth. But don’t wait too long, a few minutes is good enough.

Quick tips

  • Adding little mayonnaise into the butter before spreading on the outside of the sandwich can prevent the sandwich from burning.
  • To ensure the bread toasts at the same rate that the cheese melts, Keep the heat in the medium to the medium-low range.
  • You can try a different variety of cheese combinations to find what works for you.


About the Author:

Rosemary Kobe is a homemaker who loves to play with her two little twin-toddlers at her homes in Sydney & Melbourne. She is one of the greatest foodies in Australia experimenting with a lot of dishes at home and occasionally heads out in search for delicious burgers in Sydney or Melbourne. If you know one – let her know in the comments below or mail me at []